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Easy side battles Barcelona take the lead in the offensive

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Easy side battles Barcelona take the lead in the offensive Empty Easy side battles Barcelona take the lead in the offensive

Post  Admin Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:31 pm

NEW YORK, April 19 at 2 o'clock 45, 2011 - 2012 Champions League semi-final first leg (microblogging topics) race again, the Premier League (microblogging topics) giants Chelsea (microblogging Data) took the lead sits at home against the defending champion Barcelona (microblogging data). The first half injury time, with Drogba's the first to break Chelsea 1-0 lead over Barcelona; the second half both sides achievements, and ultimately Chelsea's 1-0 win over Barcelona, ​​the latter of the Champions League defeat. GMT, Wednesday, April 25 2:45, the two sides will move to Camp Nou stadium staged the second leg of life and death war. outdoor floor

The two sides played against a total of 13 times in history, Barcelona wins, four draws and 4 losses only Chelsea more than win a game. The two sides first met the 1965-1966 season, the Fairs Cup when the two sides battle three games, Barcelona 2 wins and 1; 1999-2000 Champions League 1/4 final, Barcelona over two legs 6-4 Chelsea eliminated; Champions League 2004-2005 1/8 final, Chelsea, a total score of 5-4 Barcelona eliminated; 05-06 Champions League 1/8 finals of the two sides meet again, and phase out Barcelona 3-2 Chelsea; 06-07 season the two sides meet in the Champions League group stage. Chelsea 1-0 force Keba Sa 2-2 draw with La Liga (microblogging topics) giants; the two sides last battle is the 08-09 season, the Champions League semi-final, Barcelona eliminated a total score of 1-1 on away goals advantage controversial Chelsea.

Starts aspects of formation sits at home in Chelsea, a slight change, DiMatteo to reposition itself in a 4-2-3-1 formation, defensive line David - Lewis out injured, Cahill starting to play; three attacking midfielder, respectively Ramirez, Frank Lampard and Mata; single arrow Warcraft Drogba, Torres temporary substitute; away from home in Barcelona discharge 4-3-3 formation, defensive line Pique (microblogging), substitute Maas Celano starting; Iniesta (microblogging Data), Massey (Micro the Bobo customer data) and Sanchez (microblogging) up front.

After opening eight minutes, Barcelona steal attack ability, Iniesta Middle Road, kept the ball to send the air and protects the restricted area, Sanchez ahead of Cech before lob the ball hit the crossbar! Chelsea escaped. 10 minutes away from home in Barcelona possession, almost close to 80%. Even four people suddenly to the restricted area after the ball knock to behind Iniesta in the 16th minute, Messi along the left, white foot shot Cech saved, the Fabregas Road tip kick defect, point after Sanchez lack of preparation also failed to touch the ball. 24 minutes, Iniesta left to face Cahill completed the exquisite breakthrough in the England defender helpless in the restricted area or leave it white, but the referee has not been any indication. Three minutes later, after a few patience Daojiao Sanchez on the right to find opportunities from the ball, Massey Road the outflanking header strong Leipzig Cech good ball Puxia. Outdoor deck

The first 42 minutes, midfielder Lionel Messi steals to launch quick counter-attack, Argentine high-speed run to the ball to the left points to a small law, which kick specially shot through Cech but Ashley - Cole in the door online Complete the rescue! Chelsea first half at least escaped the robbery. First half injury time, Frank Lampard in midfield the ball from Lionel Messi at the foot off the next attack ability, the TDP accurate transferred to the ball left empty when the Strip, Ramirez speed long-range strike to the restricted area of ​​the ball cross-knock Drogba, Warcraft Road outflanking break! 1-0! Chelsea the lead! Five goals of Didier Drogba's Champions League this season! All front 11 balls! Is also a World of Warcraft nearly 10 Champions League game against the first Spanish team to enter the 9-ball, 38 Champions League goal of his career.

Easy side battles Barcelona take the lead in the offensive, Adriano, with the individual ability to complete a quality high shot. 56 minutes before the restricted area with a cross Sanchez, latter close Tuishe the missed. 66 minutes, Guardiola the first to make adjustments, Pedro replaced Sanchez. Then, Ramirez, Pedro and Busquets has booked. London's raining harder and harder, the rain turned into a downpour. Then the two continuously make adjustments on Kalou of Chelsea Mata, Barcelona, ​​with Tiago replaced Fabregas. The end of the game, Cuenca replaced Harvey (microblogging Data), Bosingwa replaced Ramirez, Drogba booked. Puyol header had almost be equalized, but Cech complete the brave fighting. Overall injury time, Pedro Tuishe hit the post. The end of the game, ultimately Chelsea's 1-0 win over Barcelona. With the victory, the Blues Champions League home game this season victory record still continued, Ba Saou crown undefeated was the end. Wood Plastic Composite Floor


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