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Analysys International research suggests

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Analysys International research suggests  Empty Analysys International research suggests

Post  Admin Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:39 pm

This data shows that, in the case of commercial houses suffered winter, the affordable housing market is policy support, showing a rising trend. This is undoubtedly a huge market for flooring enterprises. Wood plastic composite board

Another way all the flooring enterprises digging the second and third tier markets

Market saturation of first-tier cities, the decline in market demand, multiple pressures, many flooring companies have moved to the second and third tier cities.

For a time, the market once were not seriously showing a prosperity vied for second and third tier cities has become the slogan of many companies.

It is understood that many well-known brands in the flooring industry has been developed that the layout of the second and third tier markets targeted products, to snatch just need cake.

Domestic branch of the Beijing Market Association Secretary-General Liu Chen believes that the upstream market regulation policies, but the intention of flooring and other household distribution investment is still very strong, especially in the second and third tier cities the majority of dealers and franchisees.

Insiders said that the second and third tier cities, some of the characteristics that make it a unique advantage. First, second and third tier cities housing the rigid demand mainly by the real estate control policies affect obvious. The downward trend in real estate development of the first-tier cities, the market potential of the second and third tier cities to highlight, associated with the real estate industry development potential is also increasingly apparent. Therefore, the potential purchasing power of the second and third tier cities the tremendous need to be excavated. Wood plastic composite decking floor

Second, since the economic crisis, the country introduced a number of policies to stimulate domestic demand and promote economic development, the second and third tier cities will usher in a huge development opportunities. Support of the policy, the economic environment in the second and third tier cities.

Hydropower Company to expand channels flooring companies try rewarding

Squeeze under multiple adverse factors, reduce costs, expand into new channels become the common choice of many floor people. Years of continuous change in flooring and other home industry, network e-commerce is now playing an important role.
In this year's "dual 11" electric supplier war, flooring and other home electrical break loose, many domestic brands within a day breaking the million mark in sales.

Analysys International research suggests that capital from 2011 began to seize the layout of the home e-commerce, paving the way for the industrial chain card bit and seize the future development of space. 2012 will be the year of flooring and other home the rapid development of e-commerce and industry morphogenesis.

Expert analysis, line experience with online shopping seamless connection of the new channel model has been inevitable in the price and can be customized service products highlights not have the advantage of traditional home channel model. Future enterprise requires two network a real network, running products, spare parts; a virtual network, run the data bit. " wood plastic composite floor


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