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The annual China International Floor Materials

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The annual China International Floor Materials Empty The annual China International Floor Materials

Post  Admin Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:42 am

The annual China International Floor Materials and Technology Exhibition (referred to as the "Shanghai Flooring Show") in the opening of the Shanghai Pudong Exhibition Center on March 25 as scheduled. Hall 17, 3 state in the empty field, and 14 open pavilion, the floor of the brand in the past as a well-deserved protagonist has been curled up in a mere three pavilions, pavilions were carpet, Stocks , fabric and even doors and other category occupied. Cheap Composite Decking

Even more bleak old one floor big mammoth showrooms unusually brilliant design, especially Colorful image appeared this was collective disappear, to a position of less than 100 square meters In addition Dekor a "designer club outside, living at home, nature, Jiusheng World of Friends, the rich benefit Anxin including brand at the show could not find a trace, mostly as the protagonist is budding in recent years, the new brand or some obscure no-name.

However, the big brands in the booth on the collective disappear, this platform does not affect these brand CEOs borrow exhibition reveal a face up against. Exhibition opening of the first day at the "World" on the floor of the General Assembly, the flooring industry bigwigs almost full debut as chairman of Dekor Wengshao Bin and CEO Guo Hui, the natural flooring president Xuebin, Del floor, chairman Yu Ji-yong , chairman of En Jiu Jiu Sheng floor, general manager of WorldFriends floor Ni Yuezhong, David flooring president Jiang Wei, chairman of Ba Feike floor, Song Xiangxing, North American Maple flooring, general manager of LUNG CANCER, living at home floor, chairman Liu Shuo really, Formosa floor general manager Zhi-Wen Zeng and other industry giants, many of them as a guest in the forum, pointing floors rivers and lakes, offer advice and industry development strategy. Wood plastic composite price

Floor the lack of big, does not mean that the flooring exhibition of the "gold standard" of decline, the number of new ground material is on the rise, and filled with floor original position. The floor flooring show less big, but it is a signal of the advent of the flooring industry crisis. To know that, in the event of an industry recognized exhibition, for a brand businesses, in addition to the traditional investment purposes, as well as to display the image, reflecting strength, trend-setting role. Today Merchants do not need, do not have to show the image, and do not reflect the strength, the trend is more hell with it, the bigwigs collective to the floor of the General Assembly, "soy sauce" is it sad for the industry?

China Forestry Industry Association released data show floor total production in 2012 of about 500 million square meters the full license flooring enterprises of a certain size to over 1500, 1100 companies produce only a category of products. This means, the brand of the flooring industry concentration is not strong, the share occupied by each enterprise are quite small. Limited floor space for development, some of the big brands began to carry out the expansion of the industrial chain, to expand the areas of wooden doors, wardrobes, cabinets and even the whole home. However, wooden doors or cabinets, wardrobe, although timber-related, the difference was more than nothing. Flooring industry chain enterprises expansion, currently few success stories. On the floor of the General Assembly, even Wengshao Bin, Xuebin, taking the lead Dekor, nature diversified brand at the helm, can not make accurate predictions of the future. Backyard flooring


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