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Different kinds of the panel materials

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Different kinds of the panel materials Empty Different kinds of the panel materials

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From the the 2012 flooring industry sales trends, domestic flooring market demand is gradually showing a recovery trend, qualified enterprises in 2013 is the enclosure, the best time of the circle of people. According to the relevant professional department data show that, as of November 2012, the domestic enterprises industrial output value of 50 billion yuan, a 27 percent increase in exports of home industry, floor enterprise value of steady growth, the steady growth of the flooring industry in 2012 years. Then, in 2013, the flooring industry will appear which trends? outdoor fence
Obvious advantages of strong flooring market

Because the price is closer to the general consumer market, strengthen the sales floor total annual reelection first. According to the "2012 China's flooring industry Internet Index Analysis Report" shows, and strengthen the floor account for 45% of the proportion of the consumer price index of the type of flooring, retaining its position as the first of its kind.

Flooring industry insiders believe that the price advantage of laminate flooring still make a longer period of time to maintain sales volume first, especially in the third and fourth tier cities, its market share in the absolute superiority, and some rural areas start by the process of urbanization, laminate flooring sales advantage in these areas is more obvious. Outdoor decking Floor
The parquet prospects expected

In recent years, the domestic consumer awareness parquet increasingly clear, and the variety of sizes, with creative colors and surface design, comfortable foot feeling, excellent environmental performance, excellent stability, easy care, relatively reasonable prices ... these have become rational consumers to choose the floor parquet reason.

Different kinds of the panel materials, product design and brand positioning, market the first two thousand dollars price range of wood flooring products, provide more choice for high-end consumers. Thick-skinned (panel thick 3.0-4.0mm), large format (mainstream products up to 2200mm wide and 240mm), parquet (specifications wood three-mile, semi-detached) or large-format independent amplitude and features prominent, wood flooring will gradually popular. WPC wall cladding


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