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WPC flooring achieve European

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WPC flooring achieve European Empty WPC flooring achieve European

Post  Admin Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:52 pm

The WPC floor as the imported brand in Germany, the upgrade is different from the domestic brands: the first floor from timber harvesting to production, from manufacturing to final installation, every aspect of every procedure has very stringent standards. For example, each plate has a coding, like identity card; This shows that the process of German more stringent. Secondly, sales, installation and after-sales and marketing, every year there will be systematic training. Third, the consumer's point of view to consider the issue; so we do fine. plastic wood plank

WPC flooring design is updated every year, and they are all original. Existing several good series: Chi Mei series, Teana, modern series, the series is the customer base to distinguish. WPC flooring different products are divided into different series, in order to follow the requirements of the aesthetic of the people; meet consumer demand for personalized and psychological. Modern series of color are very contemporary, very stylish, it is very targeted.

WPC last year, the floor the introduction of sawing pattern flooring products, this is because the domestic composite floor color characteristics: the first color rather monotonous; second single pattern. We saw pattern, will feel that the process is not the same with the domestic, and the effect is very good, original technology on the inside. Shaped by a very primitive, natural wood feel, matched with the modern way of life, which is a perfect combination. From last year to this year, about the introduction of the balance 10 sawing texture floor. Domestic floor surface is easy to imitate, sawing texture is not easy to imitation, because it can not make to the texture, the floor is very professional. Xi'an design guru - Yu Ping teacher do about "," Waku "are love this floor sawing lines the floor. Composite deck furniture

A WPC floor has its own meaning: from design, technology, processes, production costs board, to sales, have special meaning inside. Just as each of us has its own characteristics, each one floor are viable, is a personality of its own. Users can see WPC flooring Each series has its own common and different points, each floor, each floor has its own color the meaning of their own personality.
Blue Angel certified products: the day of the day-pavement

Many consumers to buy the floor, it is easy single from the surface being misled. At this time, the guiding consumer comes to the floor of expertise: First, all imported products, there is a formal test report, as well as import and export declarations; This is not forged, is the most basic. Second, understand the floor substrate; general sales personnel consumers will smell, and touch, to feel the floor inside the substrate is what; third point is environmentally friendly; environmental formaldehyde at home and abroad has always stressed that a issue, but also confused people. Sometimes simply a piece of paper inspection reports may not meet consumer psychology, so we do in conjunction testing, we will show the results.

WPC flooring achieve European standards, detection methods, environmental standards, wear-resistant, and access to the most authoritative European Blue Angel environmental certification, which is the highest international environmental certification standards. WPC flooring detection of the sampling, the results more convincing, more stringent standards. Environmental protection, responsible owners! WPC from 1961 up to now mainly is to do the plate and on the floor, do not, so it is more focused, more rigorous. The WPC floor commitment day pavement day, environmental standards compliance, we are confident to make such a guarantee. Real import of the brand and its services, the product itself is not the same; Consumers can take to install a good site to see the field, these are embodied in our service. Plastic wood composite


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