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Branded consumer flooring industry

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Branded consumer flooring industry Empty Branded consumer flooring industry

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Branded consumer flooring industry development trend of the times, is bound to end the era of brands, high-end brand is the brand of industry leadership. The entire flooring industry divergence from brand to brand concentration, in order to the brand ranks, it is necessary to build strong support points of the high-end flooring products. Through the operation of ideas of some of the high-end products in the market and our experience, high-end flooring brand value of the anchor can look at several key points dig.

Origin support: one soil to the one famous, caused by its unique value or other characteristics of the products of many places due to the unique local soil, climate, water quality and other factors. If the unique advantages of origin into brand advantage, will greatly enhance the brand height and premium capacity.

Cultural support: a clever way to these unique cultural and historical story into the product, on the one hand to meet the consumers seeking high-grade cultural consumer psychology, while the cultural heritage comprehensive interpretation of integration and packaging, express a brand culture. Seize the commanding heights of cultural characteristics, do the thick of the value of the brand and premium capacity is another important way to build high-end brands.

The standard Support: general products, from raw materials to processing to finished products, point of difference is not obvious, consumers have no way to perceive. The highest state of the brand to the standard, companies tend to do the standard in the industry is the most qualified to speak. Leading enterprises to set up their own standards in the industry at the same time lead them to do the standard lead and popularize, promote the industry administrative departments, established industry standards, to occupy the high ground, so that the whole industry to follow their own run at the same time in the minds of consumers create a right to speak.

Process support: unique processing technology can effectively increase product added value, if owned "special process" for the existing and process concepts refined with simple words, it will become the most competitive brand support points.

Security support: security incidents of domestic industry after another, again and again provoke a sensitive nerve of the consumer food safety. Safety and Health has become a society is most concerned about a topic, do the brand value, do one of the most important means of high-end, also had to do an important means.

Material support: quality source where? Raw materials! Excellent selection of raw materials for the flooring industry, is the fundamental guarantee of high quality, high-end products to consumers the most direct and effective guarantee.

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