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Many flooring companies store promotions

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Many flooring companies store promotions Empty Many flooring companies store promotions

Post  Admin Thu May 09, 2013 11:10 pm

Past two years, the flooring industry disorderly malicious competition phenomenon is serious, industry ills highlights, a variety of industries unspoken rules and unreasonable phenomenon, so that consumers miserable, leaving many flooring companies that the operating environment has been destroyed, resulting in situation the floor storefront and stores "does not promote off".

Is the phenomenon of price war, industry analysts pointed out, and guide consumers to buy the products, only a single price level which is not rational, it is unscientific. Therefore, the flooring business should the service experience to all stores and adhere to blatantly brand support, publicity and promotion, to give highly recommended, and guide consumers for the services, experience, product, design and more angle of concern, flooring companies through these moves to bring more added value to the market and dealers and to a higher quality of life.

Many flooring companies store promotions within the industry price war is an internal friction behavior was also suggested that it was just a misunderstanding. The true meaning of the promotion is to promote the sale, do not just stay in the price discounted cash back on. The price is the purpose of sales growth in the short term, but not long-term use, not abuse. In addition to price cuts, to fundamentally enhance the sense of the value of the flooring products, first floor products to constant innovation, the only constant innovation to meet the needs of social different types and levels of personnel, in order to continuously enhance the sense of the value of the product; followed by continuous improvement stores hardware and software environment, such as on the floor stores to introduce light catering facilities stationed, allowing the customer to have a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere of morning tea or afternoon tea in the purchase of the floor, so that customers get more distinguished service to enjoy Feel at home the warmth, the mood will be able to more pleasant; innovative product after-sales service, such as: the product after completion of the sale, regular contact with the customer to understand the floor and introduced late maintenance knowledge can enjoy in customer birthday with special needs discounts and sending greetings flowers, so that customers experience outside of higher value-added products, thereby enhancing the sense of the value of the flooring products.

Some industry insiders believe the floor promotion is only a means, not an end, the floor should try various forms of promotional tools, not only to stay on the low level of price or discount, to be prepared in accordance with the characteristics of the industries in which and shopping malls positioning itself different promotional mix for all sectors of consumer groups launched a promotional theme throughout the preparation and implementation of the marketing plan is an extension of the service can not be putting the cart before the horse. "

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