Insiders pointed out that the no aldehyde floor

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Insiders pointed out that the no aldehyde floor Empty Insiders pointed out that the no aldehyde floor

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At present, the mainstream production of the sheet metal industry worldwide, extensive use of adhesives containing formaldehyde class, the concept of "no formaldehyde" thrown, it is widely questioned. composite panel

Insiders pointed out that the no aldehyde floor is the direction that we will try, under the present conditions, however, the density of the composite floor, water expansion ratio of technical indicators, you need to formaldehyde participate in order to maintain a balance. Formaldehyde-free adhesives, flooring products, first, higher cost, its price also means tremendous pressure on consumers, followed by leave of formaldehyde, the integrated performance of the floor is not stable, and may not be able to reach the national comprehensive standards for wood-based panels.

So-called laminate flooring formaldehyde is not detected does not equal zero formaldehyde content. Indoor environmental testing experts said that even if the true zero-formaldehyde, does not mean to eliminate other harmful substances, such as the floor surface coating containing benzene and volatile organic compounds VOC indoor air pollution the culprit. Wooden flooring manufacturer

China Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee pointed out that in the actual test, natural wood may also contain less than 0.1 mg per liter of trace aldehydes. Existing conditions can not be accurately detected the formaldehyde content of the wood, the only show that its content is very low, does not exist. "

Commonwealth and USCAR automotive composites has been carried out in the other concept of automobile production in the past cooperation, including a lightweight body and regeneration schemes. Composite vehicle end of the study, researchers focused on the development of car parts, namely, a large car the middle of the floor structure of the existing models, rather than the entire car.

The car currently used in the middle of the bottom of the vehicle (ie, shallow dish-shaped bottom plate) by 14-16 independent steel components consisting of The ACC's mission is to come up with a production cycle for the two and a half minutes of composite parts replaced. Berger admitted that the research team failed to fully meet the goal of this cycle, but in the end produce parts to reduce the weight over 20 pounds, and most of the collision and structural requirements.

The research team has considered many kinds of processes and materials to produce composite parts, the final selection of a multi-layer sheet molding composite fabrics, most of the components of long glass fiber reinforced materials, the reinforcement rib is used timber A chopper structure of the SMC.

Although this idea is attractive, but does not guarantee that the concept of components is always compatible with the existing production. To this end, the consortium engaged in project work in a pre-production status. Next by various car manufacturers to decide whether to further advance the project. outdoor terrace flooring


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