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Flooring crafted brand building needs a step by step

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Flooring crafted brand building needs a step by step Empty Flooring crafted brand building needs a step by step

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Recent industry some voices saying flooring industry "brand war" has been "Service of the war" to replace, in my opinion, "brand war" not only did not end and will always continue, as long as the market is still the battle will not end, it has rushed for the domestic market to international ambitions flooring business must be good brand management. outdoor composite floor
Flooring crafted brand building needs a step by step
Speaking of brand management, a lot of thought is that a lot of entrepreneurs, floor advertising, and advertising in particular, CCTV's advertising, on the floor of the domestic enterprises, and now overwhelmed, resulting in many flooring companies understanding of the brand is just smoke and mirrors , difficult to understand its essence.
China accounted for flooring business for the absolute number of SMEs, the brand now has become the biggest bottleneck in its development, if the brand is certainly not a dead end, so the brand is also money to a dead end. So, faced with such an embarrassing situation, Chinese enterprises how should a correct view of the floor in the development of branding? How to use existing strengths to build their own position advantage? Cheap composite deck board
Step one: seize the hearts of consumers consolidate leadership
Flooring business successful first step is to create a brand in the minds of consumers to find a way to create a new product category. Then this class is to continue to reinforce in the minds of consumers in the dominant position, which is constantly going through the transmission of information to enhance cognition, make every effort to make each a target audience know that you are a leader in the industry, or category.
Of course, this is a long, uninterrupted repetition strategy, even if, like household goods giant Procter & Gamble has established leading brand companies, but also continued to use its massive advertising and PR means emphasizing himself in the category of leadership. Because consumers are a mobile group of new consumers will continue to enter, and they usually do not know who is the pioneer of the category, who is the first brand in the market, if you ignore it, it will allow Later, competitors take advantage of. Many cases a good proof of that.
We can easily imagine some of the simple ideas spread, such as "national sales for eight consecutive years ahead," "a certain market leading brand," these slogans spread than the "big ideas" effect is more significant. Domestic well-known brand Bosideng down jacket advertising strategy is the "national sales for 11 consecutive years ahead," Wrigley's communication strategy when entering China is "U.S. sales of the first."
Considerable number of enterprises see the trees but not the forest, they think the focus of advocacy should focus on product features or performance. In fact, the logic of consumer and business logic is just the opposite, companies will often say "good products, is king"; while the consumer logic is "we think that a good product is a good product."
Step two: real-time monitoring competitors threshold setting brand communications
Competition in the market is a long-term, dynamic, evolving process, once a product category flooring business good development momentum, the new competitors will enter, and will more and more, any one industry like this. So, you want to ensure that the competitive position of their own brands, companies need to keep up with the competition floor beat, push yourself forward faster.
New product category into the consumer's mind takes time, and time is the leading brand will stand aside. As a leading brand in the flooring business, maintain its brand in a competitive way is to learn to monitor competitors, while the development of brand communication industry, the threshold is set, as far as possible to block each other.
Industry brands like second or third leading brand in between yourself and find a clear distinction is almost impossible to locate, such as Founder notebook computers, even found some physical differences, leading brands will soon copy, means eliminate the exclusive copy concept. This is the concept of block, it is suitable for every leading brand.
The Chinese are creating a brand for flooring companies, advertising is not a powerful tool, but in the maintenance phase of the brand, advertising can increase competition threshold, to establish strategic value. Such as Procter & Gamble is the year to use its powerful advertising advantage raise competition threshold and, therefore, the achievements of the world's biggest advertisers in the world, CCTV advertising standard king years illustrates this point well. Ad delivery has led to huge rival Procter & Gamble and stop looking.
Step three: From start to expand the brand category deepen brand awareness
As flooring companies, on behalf of the brand category once entrenched consumer mind down, then you should focus on to promote the brand category rather than brand. VISA is a good example worthy to be concerned, because it created the successful "payment" category and become an entrenched financial brand. And our domestic cold acid Ling toothpaste and blue sky six will rule toothpaste brand has always been difficult to break through the bottleneck, sales always teetering on the brink. For example, cold acid problem is not in the spirit of the brand, but rather out in the category. Allergy is a technical term, and eat all you want, hot and sour such a general concept put together can not strengthen customer awareness. Cold acid Ling teeth at least find a way to emphasize the specific allergy symptoms, in such a way to continue to guide customers. Right now, the spirit can not withstand the cold acid and other brand sales Crest temptation to imitate began walking route, and launched a similar Icy toothpaste, is simply ridiculous.
Category expansion strategy is the introduction of the next point competitors. The use of competitors to jointly develop the market, consumer education, otherwise difficult to form a large category market climate. The introduction of rivals, companies must learn to strengthen the internal competition, that is, when their certain brand dominated the market, the timely introduction of a second brand, create new market opportunities for points, which is the best choice for leading brands . Such as to produce a lot of Bosideng's second brand of down jacket, and snow flying, Compro, Bengen other second-tier brands have also been ranked the forefront of industry sales.
Step four: to strengthen brand positioning to enhance customer awareness
Positioning the role of any one want to build brand enterprises are not new, its role is constantly looking for the category of the best in the market space and optimal customer perception, in this sense, is the same category , but positioning it takes timely adjustments and changes. Positioned in a certain period can be kept relatively stable, but with the category of development, it has to upgrade at different stages, in order to seek greater market space. Currently popular concept of environmental protection, flooring companies can start from the original ecological and environmental protection for brand positioning.
Step Five: Creating Brand Communication Process Management
A flooring company's brand in the category has been dominant in consumer groups have begun to firm, you can be understood as the brand image initially built. At this stage, flooring companies need professional brand image through the system view and to design and regulate, establish systematic dissemination processes to ensure the brand's core proposition in any period can be promptly delivered.
Finally to emphasize that the real brand management brand in the category needs to occupy the absolute dominance of corporate objectives and keep the brand focused and dedicated information dissemination, always pay attention to strengthening the customer's perception. Composite floor


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