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This is some of the industry's voice

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This is some of the industry's voice Empty This is some of the industry's voice

Post  Admin Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:07 am

Flooring industry experienced a "traditional off-season," the deserted, the major flooring stores, brand activities are intensive introduction. Although the "golden nine silver ten" has not yet come true, but many companies have begun to warm the floor, promotion of large-scale staged in advance or people on this year's "golden nine silver ten" With a lot of pre-hope.

Although the domestic industry, various activities frequently, but the circulation by the Ministry of Development Division, China Building Materials Circulation Association jointly issued a national home building materials sentiment index (BHI), 3,4,5 months of the year rose to 109.11 after continuous in June declined slightly to 108.10, down 1.01 points, and the value compared to last year also fell by 11.51 points. In addition, data from the first half of the term, large-scale home building materials stores nationwide from January to June total sales of 519.6 billion yuan, down 6.19%, the flooring industry as a shunt home industry, the overall sales performance in the second half should also be somewhat bullish.

March and April this year the market performed well, but also to bring to market some of the concerns, will have some spending power in the first half of the early release? Fact, because many consumers do not get in the house before hand, do not know their own needs What, so that consumer demand in the second half of the first half of early release is unlikely.

Although September is the traditional peak season for home improvement market, but for this year in September, a lot of home improvement company responsible cautious. 1-3 months of this year, second-hand housing transactions since the introduction of the new policy, second-hand housing transaction volume of small climax. Can be a decoration President Wang said: "This year 3-8 month trading volume of our decorative improved by about 50%, the vast majority of second-hand housing units, March favorable housing market will continue down the September market volume is not too Poor. "On the whole, as the property market getting better, the flooring industry sales are to be improved.

Competition in the market will definitely be normalized, the future will certainly be more intense flooring industry, this is a normal phenomenon, not about which industries can flooring. In addition, the market will be more mature through competition, the future may be more competition from the low end of the price war, to manage upgrades, service improvement, product development and other deeper level changes.

Price wars and other vicious competition so that enterprises put more focus on discounts, and neglect of product improvement, and competition must allow the market to a more rational direction.

Promotion season, businesses have a lot to offer recommendations to consumers, but in addition to the price advantage, the proposed market can do business all over the board's work to promote green building materials, strong sales in this time do not forget social responsibility.

This is some of the industry's voice, hoping to take advantage of the industry throughout the season deepened board business transformation and upgrading, in this regard do some more. In addition, because of increased promotional activities, we recommend some good honest service businesses work, can not do some fake and shoddy products, and that the season will lose the value of the original.


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