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Geolam is fully recyclable Empty Geolam is fully recyclable

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Founded by Ron Factor and Christian Stephan, Geolam, Inc., is now the exclusive distributor of Geolam wood-plastic composites in North America.

"We want to bring a whole new level of sophistication to the evolution of wood in the American marketplace," said Ron Factor. "After years of traveling the globe and meeting renowned architects and engineers, it became apparent that Geolam products were an international standard in WPC building materials."Wood plastic composite

U.S. accredited, third-party testing reaffirms Geolam's superior qualities, including safety (high slip resistance), Low water absorption (salt and fresh water), and greater compression strength/tensile strength than other leading composite decking boards.

This level of performance is the result of the patented Einwood manufacturing technology which removes 100 percent of the moisture from the wood-fiber. Since the wood does not contain any moisture, the injected plastic is fully integrated or embedded in the tracheids of the wood to create a new homogenous product. In the future, Geolam, Inc. intends to bring this manufacturing process to the U.S.

Geolam is fully recyclable and has no formaldehyde emissions. It's free of all solvents and chlorine and is the only wood-plastic composite to earn the Eco-Mark certification, a prestigious international, eco-friendly label. Wood plastic composite decking tile

With modern processing technologies, the fibres can be added to the mixture in their natural state, without first being transformed into granulate, thus eliminating an energy-intensive intermediate stage and preserving the quality of the fibres.

Because wood has a high thermal sensitivity, it has to be processed at temperatures below 200ÂșC.

The housings are manufactured in the form of modular components that can be clipped together as required to create a wide variety of designs, allowing them to blend in with the surrounding architecture.

The WPC needs to be shatter proof and sufficiently elastic to withstand impact without damage, and it must be capable of resisting wide variations in temperature, high levels of humidity and prolonged ultraviolet exposure.

The researchers are therefore testing samples of the material in a climate chamber to assess its resistance to extreme temperature conditions and to determine which additives or types of coating provide the best weather protection. Wood-Plastic Composite & Plastic Lumber


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