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Swimming pool decks offer your customers Empty Swimming pool decks offer your customers

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Swimming pool decks offer your customers a place to relax when they are out of the water. Offering in ground and above ground pool decking will allow your business to service anyone with a swimming pool. Being flexible with your swimming pool deck designs allows you to accommodate the individual preferences of anyone looking to add a swimming pool deck to their landscaping. Swimming pool decking

Stocking different types of pool decking materials will make it easy for your customers to visualize their space and pick a material that works in that area. Some customers may want a wood swimming pool deck. Others may want to use concrete or resin materials.

Once your customer has decided on a swimming pool deck design, it is up to you to supply them with the items they will need to complete the design. If your customers want to install a pool deck that is ornate, you may want to consider a local contractor to help them complete the project.

Try: National Pool Wholesalers has basic kits for above ground swimming pool decks. The kits are at a discounted wholesale price. BuildDirect offers complete kits or lumber for swimming pool decks. You can email them your customer's deck plans and they will figure out the amount of lumber you will need or you can order online if you know how much lumber you need. grooved decking

While there are certain pool deck materials that are more conducive to the environment around pools (slip-resistant, heat-reflective, etc.), the pool deck surface you choose will need to match your design desires and your budget. Some of the factors that you should consider include complementing the surrounding landscape, space availability, people traffic, care and upkeep.

Some materials are more flexible than others regarding maintenance and long-term life. Lighter colored surfaces will tend to be the most heat-reflective. Consider using two or more materials to achieve a desired look if your budget doesn't allow for your entire pool deck to be created in one type of material. Use the list below to see the various advantages and disadvantages of each type of pool deck surface.

Wood decks are popular but more so for above ground pools than inground. The water that accumulates on and around pool decks impacts the maintenance and upkeep and can make a wood deck unfeasible. In some areas and depending upon the extent of the use of the pool, a wood deck may be just right. The look of a wood deck is definitely what attracts most people because they can blend so harmoniously with all types of surroundings.

TimberTech is the perfect option for a swimming pool or hot tub surround. TimberTech swimming pool decking won't rot, warp or splinter, and never needs painting, staining or sealing. Whether you're building new swimming pool decks or replacing an old one, TimberTech's wide range of swimming pool decking options, colours and accessories allow you to create a one-of-a-kind dream deck with unlimited design possibilities. Best of all, TimberTech swimming pool decking boards dramatically reduce heat build-up thanks to our reflective, inorganic pigments. New wood-plastic flooring


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