Park fencing is at the heart of our business

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Park fencing is at the heart of our business Empty Park fencing is at the heart of our business

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PVC fencing can add beauty to your property and give your farm the appearance of excellence for years to come. RAMM PVC farm fence has the post-and-board look without the maintenance of replacing broken boards. Posts are double walled and rails have re-enforcing ribs inside for stability. PVC fencing systems never need painting, and they won't discolor. The lifetime-limited warranty includes fading from sun damage; our fencing is protected from UV rays with state-of-the art technology. Horse farm Fence

Due to the nature of PVC and the fact that it has no definite breaking capacity, we recommend it as a decorative fence around your yard, arena or driveway. If you choose to use PVC as horse fence containment, we recommend using electric fencing to protect you and your horses. Remember that horse fencing systems are not 100% horse proof, however some are more effective. At RAMM, we believe PVC Farm Fence is safer than high tensile wire horse fencing and other traditional styles of fencing, but it is better to be safe when dealing with large animals.

Seven employees from Myers Fencing in Nicholasville began setting 120 fence posts around the perimeter of the block Tuesday. John Jackson, one of the workers, said he expected the fence to be completed Friday. It will have five gates, one on each corner and a service gate on the Vine Street side, and will be painted black.

Webb said that in addition to the aesthetics of a having a signature horse farm fence around the property, the 2-acre site is being enclosed to prevent vandalism, such as trucks or all-terrain vehicles ripping across the block, tearing up the grass before it gets established. Park Fencing

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of traditional Estate or Parkland wrought iron fencing. Our method of continuous welded construction results in a seamless fence with no visible joints, linking collars or clips. This gives the fence greater strength and flexibility to hug contours and follow graceful curves.

he easy fit park fencing uprights, posts and gates come already finished. The top rail and the four lower rails can be primed or galvanised, ready for painting once they are in place. *Please note: When ordering, please state if you would like your estate fencing primed or galvanised. If you are unsure, take a look at our finishes page for more details on the processes, or contact our team at W. Stay & Son.

Park fencing is at the heart of our business and we can provide and install it anywhere in the United Kingdom… even though our roots remain firmly in Brading, Isle of Wight, where they were originally put down all those years ago. outdoor decking floor

In keeping with our commitment to progress and respect for the traditional, we now produce a unique 'home installation' method for estate or park fencing, which enables it to be assembled by local personnel. This 'easy fit' park fencing has weld like strength, without the need for welding on site.


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