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Manufactured with high quality PVC fabric, equipped with a top tension cable, ballast chain and ASTM marine grade aluminum connectors, these booms are highly durable. Marina fence

Ideal for rapid deployment and for long term oil spills. If being deployed in areas where bad weather or choppy water is an issue, a top tension is required as it increases tensile strength and allows the boom to better resist forces applied by water activity.

Composite Decking Manufacturers stopped using "Maintenance Free" when describing their products early on after law suits. Nowadays they refer to it as "Low Maintenance". They will tell you that the product will require cleaning a couple of times a year to make it look good again.

The cleaners leave the decking looking powdery. They are acidic and chemically strip the finish and kill the mold for a time. Green clients should be aware that to "maintain" these products it involves splashing chemicals around your yard. A good stiff brush is required to physically scrub the decking.

If it is better than wood—why are they trying to emulate the look of wood. The new products are quite convincing. Big hunks of plastic with wood grain and variable colorants to emulate the look of wood perfectly. Sure, it will fade out, but when it is installed it looks just like wood. Wood plastic decking

I suggest that only wood is wood. Ipe or Mahogany will likely have a durability of 40 years if oiled yearly. A wood deck can be refinished every few years to look like new again.

You cannot refinish a composite deck—you simply replace it. 5 years from now, your composite deck will look like a 5 year old composite deck—with scratches and stains.

When buried in a landfill—composite decking may very well last forever. They say a plastic shopping bag will last 1000 years underground, I bet the composite decking will also do just as well. Long after you have tired of your stylish composite deck, it won't be recycled; it will go to the landfill with the plastic patio chairs and the rest of the plastic packaging. This deck was photographed by Glenn Stewart a home inspector in California.

Trex composite decking remains the leader in composite decking failures, though most are a couple of years old and it doesn't reflect the recent product changes. With about 75% of the market, it does make sense we would hear the most complaints about their products. We have had about 15 phone calls and a few emails in the past year from clients that need warranty service, had contacted Trex and were getting the run around or just no response.

You have to keep in mind that this is the composite decking company with the most alienating warranty service, and has been for many years. Class action lawsuits have twice been initiated, and one was completed that found them libel for damages to thousands of clients. They also had a voluntary broad scale warranty issue stemming from flawed composite decking from a now defunct plant. You really have to temper their composite decking promises due to their history. Trex has since come out with a version of their decking which is wrapped with a coating to address the mold issue.

Since this article was written we have literally had hundreds of phone calls and emails expressing horror stories as a result of people buying composite decks through builders. We get many calls from composite decking clients that are looking for replacement composite decking and parts for products that are no longer produced. Wood plastic composite innovation


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