A rustic sofa table can set the mood

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A rustic sofa table can set the mood Empty A rustic sofa table can set the mood

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A rustic sofa table can set the mood for your living room or create a garden atmosphere on a deck or patio. By making a sofa table with landscape timbers, you gain the rustic look while keeping costs low. Whether you're familiar with basic furniture construction or not, you should be able to make this simple coffee table in a single afternoon. Once your table is complete you can leave it in a natural condition or paint the table as desired. Contrast Preserved timber

The secret is sodium silicate, a mixture of sand and soda ash used since the 1800s in detergents and as an egg preservative. Lumber soaks in it under pressure, then is baked until an insoluble matrix of amorphous glass which hardens and essentially "shrink wraps" the wood fibers throughout and fills the micro-channels with molecular-thin, layers of glass.

The result is a material that is many times stronger than composite products because the glassy portion parallels the grain of wood, greatly increasing strength and ensuring that nails, screws, and fasteners hold more firmly. Because TimberSIL does not rely upon copper and quaternary as fungicides like conventional pressure treated woods, the product is non-corrosive to nails and other fasteners. Preserved timber is green building materials

In appearance, the transparency of glass allows the properties of wood to show through while allowing TimberSIL to be painted or stained like wood. If used outdoors and left unpainted or unstained, TimberSIL will eventually gray in the sun but with minimal checking and warping like conventional pressure treated wood.

Ideal for decking applications, TimberSIL is also designed for interior and exterior, above-ground and in-ground use. TimberSIL is available in dimensional sizes for framing, decking, balusters, and siding.

At Crossroads Recycled Lumber we are greatly concerned about the sustainability (or unsustainability) of the American lifestyle as well as the intelligent use of our natural resources. The way we have harvested and built over the past 200 years has come to a head, endangering our very existence on this earth. Now all of us in the U.S., and our worldly neighbors, have to develop wise ways of living, making less waste and pollution. The more quickly and sustainably we develop these ways, the better off we will all be.

Deceuninck decking combines the benefits of wood with the unique properties of PVC. By combining the natural look of wood and the low maintenance of PVC into a single new base material, our Twinson outdoor flooring solutions meet all the comfort demands you can make of your patio planks. This eco decking will transform both the appearance and performance of your terrace.

Another trend is towards non slip flooring. Deceuninck Twinson decking floor fulfils this requirement perfectly. It's an anti slip flooring that is perfectly suitable for your pool terrace where it enhances the safety of the poolside environment. Thanks to its natural appearance, the terrace planks blend in perfectly with your garden. From garden path to pond edge, from patio to pool side: with the Deceuninck Twinson Terrace you'll enjoy it all the more.

For balconies where the substrate is softer (e.g. felted flat roof type balconies) we recommend our Piazza tile which is very well supported underneath to spread the load. These floor tiles make for perfect flooring solutions for balconies, patios and terraces due to their weather resistant qualities which mean that they are self draining, ventilated, dust free and UV stable. wood plastic outdoor terrace flooring


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