Cost and appearance are also important considerations

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Cost and appearance are also important considerations Empty Cost and appearance are also important considerations

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WPC grooved and M - decking is the optimum choice for all decking applications and installs as easily as traditional wood decking. The surface looks great of its natural wood appearance with minimal maintenance. We mix the natural fiber (bamboo/wood powder) with PE into a strong, moisture-resistant composite, it is engineered to endure harsh weathers abuse of all sorts including rainstorms, rots, salt, sand and heavy traffic. This revolutionary solution allows you to just sit back and enjoy your deck as time goes by. WPC grooved decking

It is a safe, environmentally responsible alternative to traditional decks, conserving energy and resources. Not only does this save your time over the maintenance, but it will save you money as well. Do the math and you'll know. To ensure continued client satisfaction, we always buy the good quality raw material. Each piece is knot free and consistent in size, color and length, therefore eliminating the search for the perfect piece. It looks, smells and handles like wood but has the durability of plastic.

Our garden fencing is manufactured by us in the UK so we can ensure that the fencing you buy is of the highest quality and at the lowest price. Quality Fence Panels are one of our specialities. The quality and 25 year guarantee that comes with our fencing will not be beaten elsewhere. Below is a catalogue of our Fence Panels or try our Fence Builder to calculate / price the panels needed.

Whatever your garden fencing needs, whether traditional or decorative fence panels, garden gates, fence posts or garden trellis, you'll find it here; our range of fencing is also complemented by wrought-iron and wooden garden structures including arches, arbours and pergolas. Garden fencing
Choosing the right garden fencing materials for the job

We offer great value garden fencing across our whole range, with huge savings on bulk orders which is perfect if you're looking to purchase several fencing panels and posts as part of your full garden fencing solution.

If you're unsure exactly what you will require to complete the job, our handy fencing wizard will help – simply enter the Length of the Boundary you wish to cover (in metres) and let our wizard do the hard work for you, providing you with a quick round-up of everything you will need, from fence panels to fence posts. Our wizard will then incorporate this into your search allowing you to choose your favorite garden fencing materials to suit you.

We are currently able to deliver to most areas within 5 days A fantastic range of Garden Fencing Panels. Choose from the best selling and lowest priced Waney Edge Garden Fencing Panels or a Garden Fencing Panels that is that bit more decorative. Long lasting and low priced Garden Fencing Panels from elbec are a must. There is no limit to the number of garden fencing panels you can order and you can complete your fencing project by ordering gravel boards, post and post fixing options too and all on one page.

There are many reasons why homeowners install fences or walls around their property. The most common reason is to provide privacy from neighboring homes or street traffic. Fences and walls may also be installed for safety and security, to contain a pet, or to keep out deer and other pesky animals. And some homeowners simply use fences and walls to add structure and beauty to their garden.

Whatever the reason, when enclosing your yard with fencing or masonry walls, you'll want to make sure it enhances the appearance of your property. The enclosure should suit your personal style as well as the architecture of your home. With both fences and walls, there is a vast array of styles, finishes and materials to choose from. The best enclosure for your property will depend on its purpose as well as your budget and design goals.

Cost and appearance are also important considerations. A solid or picket-style wooden fence is attractive but is expensive and difficult to install. Wooden fences also tend to shade the perimeter of the garden, and require regular maintenance. Wire fencing and electric fencing are less costly, but are by no means inexpensive, particularly in the case of a large area.

You may be able to forgo fencing off your entire garden or orchard by erecting barriers around only those beds or crops most vulnerable to animal pests. A fenced plot for corn and melons is a good idea where raccoons are a problem. You'll find more information about making barriers for individual plants, as well as suggestions for using traps and repellants, in the Animal Pests entry. best price on composite decking decking


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