Wood-plastic composite insulation performance

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Wood-plastic composite insulation performance Empty Wood-plastic composite insulation performance

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Wood-plastic composite material is restricted due to density, high cost, brittleness, toughness, and wood substitutes in some industrial areas as applications. Wood plastic composite Fence

In recent years, by adding a foaming agent in wood-plastic composites, wood-plastic composite materials forming microporous can passivation of the crack tip to prevent crack propagation, can effectively control the lack of wood-plastic composite materials, making plastic foam The material has been applied in automotive interiors, aerospace, and decorating. Wood-plastic composite foam molding compression molding, extrusion and injection molding, is a new area of ​​research.

Wood-plastic composite materials also need to protect the wood-plastic composite material applications as outdoor wood substitutes most fundamental advantages is its low maintenance and weather resistance. But be sure to pay attention to are: low maintenance is not maintenance-free. Need for the protection of WPC appearance ADD weatherability of the pigment and the UV stabilizer to reduce fading. Some manufacturers to adopt the way of co-extruded wood-plastic composite materials coated with a layer of plastic off the timber and environmental isolation, reduce moisture and strain of the wood, and only using high levels of additives in the surface layer. Wood Plastic Composite Lumber

Waste plastics and waste wood wood-plastic composite material can be used as a raw material itself can be recycled, and therefore has a good social effect in terms of resources and environmental protection, has been widely used in the construction, transport, automotive and other industries. The attention of the global processing industry of wood-plastic composite materials is increasing in Western countries has shown a rapid growth momentum. Worldwide, the growing interest in environmentally friendly materials, the industry needs a positive response to the demand for this market, to meet the challenge, the urgent need of a reliable, profitable and cost-effective technologies continue to emerge. WPC will cause increasingly widespread attention as an outstanding application of an economic, ecological alternatives.

Wood-plastic composite material is a new type of green building materials, surface appearance, good performance, workmanship, form complex, has a huge market for building materials such as doors and windows, decorative, pinch, template, curtain wall application. Wood plastic aluminum composite windows and doors insulation coefficient over the thermal insulation requirements of the building windows and doors for Beijing, Tianjin, and therefore can play an important role in building energy saving.

Wood-plastic composite insulation performance is significantly better than the insulation broken aluminum can avoid indoor condensation of aluminum windows and doors is difficult to solve the leakage problem; whole window wind pressure, water tightness, air tightness performance than steel doors and windowsand avoid deformation window; weather and the useful life than steel doors and windows. In addition, wood surfaces can be processed into solid wood, metal, marble and other effects, decorative aluminum and steel doors and windows. Production of wood-plastic products can be used more than 98% recycled materials, and can be 100% recycled, waterproof, does not rot, anti-moth-eaten, salt, acid, maintenance-free, free paint, formaldehyde and other characteristics, and therefore in the building materials field meteoric rise, promotion and development in China. In his view, energy saving and environmental protection, the development prospects of the wood-plastic composite materials can be expected. best outdoor wood plastic composite material


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