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The last round of Premier League Empty The last round of Premier League

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Beijing early morning of April 12, League 33 in a clash in the 2011-12 Premiership season (microblogging topics), Manchester United (microblogging Data) guest DW Stadium than an unexpected loss to Wigan, the leader in advantagereduced to 5 minutes, record Premiership 12 unbeaten eight game winning streak end. The first 50 minutes of the game, Maloney scored the game's only goal, this is also the first time in the history of Manchester United lost to Wigan. wood plastic

The last round of Premier League, Manchester United 2-0 win over Queens Park Rangers, the league of 12 achieved 11 wins and a draw unbeaten, including the last eight games victory. Lost to Arsenal in Manchester (microblogging Data) (microblogging Data), Manchester United has been the leader advantage expanded to eight points. Wigan to score because of a controversial loss to Chelsea (microblogging Data) in the last round end four undefeated, and now they only ranked 19 in the relegation situation precarious. Both sides of the 14 matchups in the history of Manchester United won the victory, Wigan can only get only four goals, but crazy to throw 46 balls.

Manchester United today discharge 4-4-2 formation, Rooney and Hernandez side by side up front. In midfield, Valencia and Ashley - Young fly with both wings, Ryan Giggs and Michael Carrick double waist. Line defender, Rio Ferdinand and Evans, partner, defender, Patrice Evra and Phil - Jones either side, goalkeeper or Degea.

After the start of the race to pick sides, Manchester United, the first tee. Just 27 seconds, Wigan left launched a surprise attack, Bisaiyouer seems to pass like shoot kick to draw the door before, scared Degea in a cold sweat. Outside the area of the first eight minutes, McCarthy, long-range kick, the ball was Deh iato the beam. 13 minutes, Ryan Giggs Road Zhise Hernandez stopping turned and shot the ball Wigan defender block.

Fake shake people of the first 16 minutes, Maloney left the restricted area arc kick, the ball was Ferdinand headed the rescue. 18 minutes, Carrick Road ramp stopper ball, Giggs shot in the restricted area on the right defender to block the bottom line. A minute later, Figueroa hit long-range flying. 29 minutes, Moses left into the restricted area, but then his shot was denied by Ferdinand bottom line. With the the Houmaluoni corner pass the Moses Qiangdian header hit, but the referee signaled to test The deville interference goalkeeper first, and disallowed the goal. 45 minutes, Rooney tried to hit long-range flying. The end of the half, neither side score being goalless draw. outdoor fence

Easy side battles, Manchester United took the lead in making personnel adjustments, Klein Foley, replacing the general performance of Ashley - Young. The first 50 minutes of the game, Maloney and Biseyouer on the left to make a corner, after Maloney lateral dribbling foot curve ball long shots, the ball hanging right corner of the door to score Wigan 1 0 leading Manchester United! [Video] 53 minutes, Rooney restricted area line the forefront of the shot slightly over the bar.

59 minutes, Manchester United, Welbeck replaced Hernandez. In the 65th minute, Manchester United run out of the last substitutions, the poor performance of Rooney was replaced by Nani. 70 minutes, Wigan with Diya Mei replaced Di Santo. 72 minutes - Phil Jones cross from the right, the restricted area of ​​the siege, Figueroa obvious handball but the referee did not a penalty, which is very dissatisfied with the Manchester United player. wood plastic composite floor


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