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WPC biggest characteristic is that it

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WPC biggest characteristic is that it  Empty WPC biggest characteristic is that it

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Wood composite material originated in North America, commercial production for more than 40 years, largely through the three stages, the first stage of the production of ordinary WPC Logistics Pallet based;-based building materials and decorative materials to produce landscape the second stage and the third stage of the main parts of the structured and intensive sets building. Cheap or waste resources industry to promote the development of a major feature and advantage of the WPC industry. Broadly speaking, the WPC in fact has become a new class of materials in various natural fiber materials or inorganic materials as matrix composite with various resin materials. It appears very beneficial to alleviate the problem of the scarcity of resources, in particular the protection of forest resources. Wood plastic swimming pool deck

The initial WPC has been a kind of modified plastics were taken, but with the increasing levels of production technology, its products gradually with the many advantages of plastic, wood, metal and other materials, product characteristics gradually highlights, becoming a self-contained class of new materials. It is a branch of the most dynamic in the new biomass composite family, and gradually formed to fill polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP)-based structured products, and to fill the polyvinyl chloride (PVC foam decorative products) mainly two branches. From industry practices and user needs, the direction of development of the two major categories of wood products tend to imitation wood products. Due to the strong plasticity WPC WPC industry and related industries provide a a wide symbiotic way. Wood plastic composite flooring

WPC biggest characteristic is that it also has the dual advantages of natural wood and resin material basis of material of two different materials, both texture and performance (similar to wood can be sawed, planed, nailed, it can bend and bonding) to overcome the wood dimensional stability, flammable, tide, perishable, easy termite, easy to breed mildew and other shortcomings, but also to avoid the lack of pure resin material at high temperature creep, low temperature brittle. Qualified WPC material, for example, 48-hour water absorption is generally less than 0.5%, has a very good water resistance. Quality wood materials and their products, especially to adapt to the large difference in temperature, more water is wet, poorly ventilated spaces, such as open-air plaza, restroom, storage room, etc.. According to another timber expert determination: as long as the average moisture content of the wood is below 19%, insects can not survive. And mixed with a considerable part of the resin material, and the low moisture content of the wood materials do not have the basic medium material and insects living environment, so the moth performance is also very good.

Wood material with a diversity of raw materials, preparation of plasticity, the application of environmentally friendly, cost economy and recycling and so many advantages, especially maximize the benefits of low-value raw materials to produce high value-added products to meet the requirements, and thus more and moreconcern, the to national multiple industrial policy to encourage the development of green industries. Due to the characteristics of the the WPC can plasticizing and synthetic, and the current limitations of its research, pioneering applications of WPC materials can be said that has only just begun. Some of the problems that might exist for the WPC, we have the confidence and the ability to learn from the relevant scientific and technological means to address them gradually from the processing of raw materials, technology and construction design. The good news is that, in these areas, we have quite a few friends, and has accumulated a wealth of experience, these wealth can help us to make scientific adjustments to the WPC industry. WPC industry to embark on a related industries symbiotic way, so will not be too distant prospect! wood plastic composite supplier


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