Painting Composite Wood Door
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Composite deck furniture

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Composite deck furniture Empty Composite deck furniture

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We only see the floor heating installed comfort. But a lot of people did not notice before some of the details of the installation, we installed electric film example enumerate. plastic wood plank

First of all, the owners based on convenience, need to set aside pre-installation thermostat switch position and consider electric meter capacity is sufficient, as well as furniture placement and other factors. Thermostat switch 86 Standard switch box. The recommended mounting height is 1.4m. Not less than 2 × 2.5mm2 copper plastic line at the actual area of ​​the use of power projection, Pipe laying, the bottom of the switch box to the floor reserved for 15mm vertical Anguan of spare diameter.
Installed before the ground handling to be careful

Floor laying floor heating should be flat barrier, the ground should be completely dry and clear of dust. Before installing the floor, you must geothermal heating test, to ensure the normal operation of the heating system. And incubated for 24 hours or more, and the ground to dry, to ensure that the moisture content compliant. Composite deck furniture
Install the most important details of the process, the order with stress

Construction personnel operations should wear soft-soled shoes or socks and prevent stampede damage semi-finished; best suspension installation, floor cushion material close to the ground, as there is no gap between the floor and the surface, while the floor between gap reserved contraction.

The first to clean up the ground pavement, note that you want to clean up the corner straight. Full the area foreshadowing 20mm thickness insulation extruded board (EPS board), all seam need adhesive tape to be fixed in order to form a whole; laying a layer of reflective aluminum insulation layer, the seam is at the same viscose with a fixed; then in the reflective film laying geothermal film material, laying should avoid Ground furniture to parts, local accumulated temperature in order to prevent damage to the floor or furniture; the geothermal film materials furnished positioning adhesive tape fixed flat; addition, do not need to hit the keel, left the air, so the gap between the low thermal conductivity of the air, is not conducive to heat transfer.
The construction surface temperature can not be too high

To warm the installation of other forms of both hydrothermal radiant heating cable heating heating system, do not live on the ground, health stove, electric furnace, because the surface temperature is too high, aluminum-plastic composite pipes under the ground may melt . To warm the floor because of its special function and to warm the complexity of the system, and compared to ordinary floor to warm the floor maintenance and upkeep of its unique place in need of special attention, so in terms of heating and moisturizing. Plastic wood composite


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