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Ecological wood flooring market outlook

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Ecological wood flooring market outlook Empty Ecological wood flooring market outlook

Post  Admin Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:56 pm

Author: solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring in the market as a whole has three pillars, the occupation of the stable market share for many years, but as a new thing - the development of ecological wood flooring can be quite quickly, do you think eco-wood floor will gradually replace the three it? may replace one?

Wen Lihua: "replace" yet does not appear. The emergence of a new thing, you must first strong vitality will be the future development. It is also bound to a certain impact on the old things, but a large area instead of a short period of time will not happen again.

On the one hand, solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring on the market for many years, each have their own advantages, consumers what they want, over the years, formed a kind of consumption habits. Real popular, not in the living area impetuous rush to walk, but after the things Dongche mystery accurate. Precipitated a long time, already accumulated multicultural numerous trials and foreshadowing of the "movement".

Ecological wooden floors, on the other hand, although there are many other advantages, but all things can not be perfect, the ecological wood floor also has its flaws. How to increase the advantages of narrow drawback, which is the study each floor merchant art. Weibang floor As the ecological wooden floors, on the basis of flavor floor to rub it in color, style, size, production process, the taste of European and American style, trend of new interpretations of classic, authentic personalized force, full release of individual consumers, freedom, comfort needs will naturally be recognized by the market.

I: You just said that the ecological wood flooring has many advantages, then compared with other flooring, ecological wooden floors in the end will give our lives What are the benefits?
Wen Lihua: benefits mainly reflected in the following aspects

1) ecological wooden floors adhering materials, environmental protection, low-carbon "design philosophy, abandon the production of laminate flooring required melamine, aluminum oxide and other intractable, difficult to purify contaminated raw materials, reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution, in line with international environmental protection standards. Substrate superior stability, ecological flooring substrate using a molding technology, high-density plates, a new type of fiber factor material evenly penetrate the floor. Various parts of the floor "internal stress" balanced to solve the floor easy to shrinkage wet up, warped deformation worldwide problem; On the other hand, reducing the level of activity of the molecules of the wood fiber, contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances volatile with the release of hazardous substances within the plate from the outside world, to achieve the environmental protection objectives of the home environment. Ecological flooring substrate performance ultra-stable, no crack, no deformation, while environmentally friendly, healthy function.

2) digital spraying the simulation process, in full accordance with the sync wood technology to produce solid wood flooring, floor coverings real adjacent pattern does not repeat, the rich variety of the more solid wood flooring and layering; unique "water-soluble cross-penetration" technology so that the floor surface of the wood grain clear, like a 30 million-pixel high-definition effect and 100% penetration into the substrate, it has superior adhesion, in the the floor bright colors, texture clear three-dimensional, resolved the floor easily layered loss and discoloration of the sun.

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