Painting Composite Wood Door
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non slip composite decking

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 non slip composite decking Empty non slip composite decking

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1 , is internationally regarded as the 21st century technological innovation polymer wood flooring, will live healthy, comfortable , green , fashionable and beautiful , decoration , etc. rolled into one convenient , it has been decorated budding enterprises and headed welcomed into indoor renovation of the protagonist. Wood laminate flooring , good performance, water- proof , acid and alkali , tasteless, antifungal , anti-static , moth , paint , ergonomic comfort. This kind of PVC flooring (PVC) as the main raw material, its flame and smoke density B1 level up to the national standard , with superior flame resistance , increasing the safety factor of human living . Particularly for geothermal heating floor effect is very good . Japan, South Korea , North America, has been widely used , the floor is absolutely zero formaldehyde, no benzene , is the perfect home decoration choice . Wood laminate flooring good characteristics so that many people of their " love at first sight ." In addition , wood plastic flooring uniform color , texture naturally , showing realistic wood flavor , to reflect the personalized decoration ideas. Wood flooring is an alternative to solid wood flooring and laminate flooring best products, is highly recommended Japanese companies a green floor and it overcomes the solid wood flooring and laminate flooring afraid of the water , formaldehyde and other harmful substances defects , starting from the fundamental to save a lot of forest timber , reducing pollution and maintaining ecological balance of the good effect. Can be widely applied in the living room , bathroom , conference rooms , stadiums , parks and other indoor and outdoor venues . non slip composite decking

2, in the traditional solid wood flooring consumers easily deformed , easy maintenance, no proof, not waterproof , do not wear, fade, poor stability , the installation process is cumbersome and expensive derelict industrial processes and laminate flooring with formaldehyde, and other shortcomings are not waterproof worry ! Conform to green, healthy new trend in energy , keeping up with market demand , high technology content , some bright spots of the new flooring , wood flooring appeared. Wood flooring with "green and healthy" for the concept of "quality and efficiency" as the goal developed to meet market demand , the new patented product essentials - wood flooring. Wood floors are wood fibers mixed with plastic heating a combination of materials, it is different from the past wood fibers and glue made ​​of high Love flooring. WPC waterproof, free of formaldehyde , is a flooring industry's most thorough reform , the most thorough progress.Eco-Friendly Decking

Wood plastic flooring has nine product features : 1, durable, anti-aging , long life. 2 , good stability , no cracking, no warping , 3, the appearance of natural wood products , natural beauty , design rationale comfortable , no section marks, no denim , no color . 4, can be nailed, planed, paint, can be sticky.

5 , professional waterproof , mildew , corrosion, pest control, anti-bacterial . 6 , simple construction and easy to use , easy to shape , high toughness . 7, the product temperature of 60 degrees , low temperature resistance -30 degrees . 8 , antistatic . 9 , healthy environment , products have passed food safety testing, manufacturing process does not use any glue, does not contain formaldehyde , benzene, cyanide and other harmful substances , eliminating the decoration pollution .

Wood flooring also has a wood and plastic composite functions , the advantages of wood flooring is empty core structure to reduce the weight of the floor , the noise , but also ventilation, promptly take the floor of the water, so that the ground remains dry state. Wood floor is not moldy and anti-aging , acid, pest repellent , non-toxic , tasteless, and other characteristics, appearance , feel similar to natural wood , sawing, planing, drilling, grip nails . Wood flooring with wood flooring surface gloss and color than solid wood flooring small . Environmental, health, easily deformed, board quality and beautiful. Waterproof non-slip , wear-resistant and durable , suitable for bedroom , kitchen , toilets , schools, hospitals , stadiums , shopping malls , laboratories, bathing and any other environment field , as consumers of the importance of indoor environmental pollution , wood flooring will replace not waterproof, formaldehyde-containing laminate flooring maintenance is not easy to wear , easy to deform , solid wood flooring installation cumbersome and become the new darling of home decoration materials .Eco building materials


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