you're faced with the dilemma of fixing

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 you're faced with the dilemma of fixing Empty you're faced with the dilemma of fixing

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Of the 200 billion pounds of plastic the world produces each year, about 10 percent of it ends up in the ocean, but at NewWood, we're doing our part to keep plastic out of landfills and out of the ocean. Farm Fence

At it's core, NewWood is a wood/plastics composite manufacturer, but seals, shrimp and sea cucumbers will be singing our praises for helping to keep their homes a little cleaner.

Every year, NewWood will turn 170 million pounds of wood and plastic waste –including plastic shopping bags and wrappings for mattresses and household goods—into 99.9% recycled building materials that have 100 different uses like pallets, fruit bins, floor underlayment and fencing.

And once those products have lived their natural life, the plastic content will never feel an ocean breeze because they can be ground up and used…again and again and again.

Just this week, NewWood employees were testing plastic shredders that are the first step in the Elma factory's process of repurposing disposed plastic into one of the more exciting products to hit the aisles of stores like Lowes and Home Depot in recent memory. Wood Plastic Composite board

WPC decking is a new eco-friendly decking for outdoor use. WPC means Wood Plastic Composite. WPC decking is produced from reclaimed plastic and bamboo fiber. Reclaimed plastic is very sustainable. Bamboo is very environmental.

WPC decking has high density. We get the recycled plastic to make PE and in our town, it is bamboo hometown. Bamboo power is after production of bamboo flooring. Before the factory burned bamboo power for their boiler, now we get them into production of WPC. Both bamboo power and recycled plastic are the waste of production and life. WPC can re-use them for making sustainable decking product.

WPC is extruded with E and bamboo power by professional wood-plastic extruding machine under high temperature and pressure. WPC standard length is 2.2m and 2.9m

With the landscape of 12000 m2, we have built 6 workshops with 10000 m2 each, equipped with 51 extruding lines, our yearly output is over 40000 tons.

But without the right type of fencing for your farm, you could look out the window and see your flock of sheep and their guardian llama heading down the road, your goats enjoying the newly planted fruit trees or your pigs digging in the neighbor's garden. Oops!

In the distant past, natural materials were the only available supplies for farm fencing; then in the late 1800s barbed wire was invented, offering the intrepid farm fence builder an effective means of creating long-standing barriers.

But today, fencing technology has grown more humane and includes a much wider range of materials, from the old standbys like wood, to new, high-tech materials like high-tensile polymer rail and electro-plastic twine.

If you've inherited an old fence, you're faced with the dilemma of fixing it up or replacing it. Some old fences still have lots of life left in them, and with just a minor amount of repairs can provide years of service. But many are more trouble than they're worth.

To decide which category your fence falls into, take a stroll. Walk the entire fence slowly and look at its condition.

Are posts rotting and falling over? Push them with all your strength; do they move easily? Are wires rusted to the point that it takes little pressure to break them? composite outdoor flooring


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