Wood plastic composite decking has a deep lasting

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Wood plastic composite decking has a deep lasting Empty Wood plastic composite decking has a deep lasting

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Compression molded composite decking featuring an incredibly true-to-life, deep lasting grain. Designed for those who love the natural look of real wood with little maintenance. EverGrain® Decking requires no staining or painting, and is available in four beautiful colors to perfectly complement any home. Deep Grain composite decking

Wood plastic composite decking has a deep lasting grain which is more authentic than wood grains offered by other composite manufacturers. This grain is created by their one-of-a-kind compression molding process. It gives the decking a very durable finish that is more scratch resistant than others. It is designed for those who love the natural look of wood but want minimal maintenance.

No matter what color and style of deck you choose, you can feel confident that the beauty, quality and durability of your EverGrain custom-designed deck will last. EverGrain's 25-year limited warranty protects your investment against rotting, splintering, splitting, and termite damage.

A lot of composite wood decking materials feature unique, ultramodern grain and texture – which is great, if that's what you're in the market for. But EverGrain composite decking has the earthy look and feel of real wood – but without the splinters, warping or mold. At EverGrain, composite decking is more than just a product – it's a passion.

EverGrain composite decking is made a little differently, via our exclusive compression molding process. It leaves a deep grain that resembles real wood, and weathers naturally, maintaining its look over the years. Pattern Composite Decking

Tamko Evergrain is a very high end quality composite decking. Unlike other extruded composites Evergain is produced using a compression molding process which give it a very convincing deep wood like grain, far superior to others combed graining. Evergain is a very stiff square quality composite board. capable of 16" joist spans but we still stick to 12", has less shrinkage and requires smaller spacing due to less water absorption then other composites. We feel it is a bit tougher then Trex and the much deeper grain is likely to hide scratches better .The factory offers a 25 year warranty. It is maybe slightly more expensive then Trex but we feel the better choice, and our composite recommendation. Most of our composite decks have been built using Epoch Evergrain. Evergrain is available currently in 4 colors to match any house.We have been building evergrain composite decks fro several years and have been very pleased with the product.

Our Cedar West premium cedar decking represents the best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer - rugged, durable, weather-resistant wood decking. Achieve the look of real wood decking with the unique design patterns of our Kontiki interlocking wooden deck tiles. Explore our Yakima premium composite decking for a low maintenance, durable decking solution that offers a real wood grain look and feel.

Finish any decking project off in style with our Lang and Ridge railing systems, featuring the best in quality aluminum and wood railing options. Add value, character and dimension to your home or commercial setting with quality decking from BuildDirect.

The continued popularity of outdoor living has spurred more colorful, decorative decks with added accessories, lighting and structure. The most popular option today is a composite deck. There are many options to choose such as color, finish, texture and pattern. Composite decking is low maintenance – meaning no staining required each season, easy to clean, stain, scratch and split resistant, mold and mildew resistance all of which means a durable and long lasting deck.

There are great accessories like under or in railing lighting, railing patterns and decorative post toppings. Composite decking can be a DIY project, but if you want it quickly, maybe hiring a licensed decking installer is the way to go. Enjoy your new outdoor living space sooner. Best Composite Decking Material


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