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Some people think that wood shop floor can be changed, and our forest serious lack of the most populous country, if the Chinese people are using solid wood flooring, the world's hard wood chopped down, can not meet demand, but now the solid wood flooringthe following deficiencies: the high price of wood; unstable, easily deformable; installation sprinkle insecticide powder (insecticide powder hazards greater than formaldehyde), the consumer buys solid wood flooring is not necessarily environmentally friendly. Therefore, the ability to produce a not release formaldehyde composite wood flooring can even clean up the air, it becomes important, those who mastered the technology and patents of this floor, who will win the future dominance of the wood flooring market. In 2001, I became aware of the serious shortcomings of composite wood flooring, and lots of manpower and material resources in the development of environmentally friendly engineered wood flooring, hundreds of tests, and finally found a new way - through in wood floor production and installation of a continuous negative ions generated negative ions gave birth to the liquid, which produces negative ions can clear the board of formaldehyde in excess anion evaporate into the air, it can also purify the air. Outdoor deck

Use and maintenance of laminate flooring is relatively simple, as long as the note the following daily use, we can guarantee the normal use of the floor.

1. All wood flooring will change its moisture content changes in moisture with the environment or temperature laminate flooring, floor Chau Shen shrink. It should protect the skin, keep the floor of reasonable moisture content of the military.

2. The floor usually without waxing and painting. Do not use sandpaper for polishing.

3. Tread rub pad placed at the door to prevent into the dust, and damage the floor is recommended.

4. The floor surface stains and grease stains with a household detergent to clean, do not use a lot of water to wash the outdoor floor.

5. Dry area of ‚Äč‚Äčnorth in the winter should be noted that to increase the humidity of the surface of the floor, wet mop, and increase the surface humidity, can effectively solve the floor to create gaps and cracking. Cracking individual locations, please notify the sales unit, partial fill processing. In filling, and appropriately increase the surface humidity, in order to facilitate the floor to recover.

6. The rainy season Note that close the windows, in order to avoid rainy.

7. Heating, air conditioning and indoor facilities, please pay attention to maintenance, in order to avoid leaks soaked the floor. Should you notice the floor soaked in water, as soon as possible remove the floor was soaked in water, dry in the shade or timely notice of the sales unit for processing.

8. Bathroom and the kitchen door, should pay attention to the timely cleanup of the water.

9. Handling Lu elbow Do not drag, lift is appropriate. Wood Plastic Composite Floor


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