This not only play WPC advantages

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This not only play WPC advantages Empty This not only play WPC advantages

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WPC at home and abroad will also be called: the WPC, green wood, wood technology, renewable wood, plastic beauty of wood or Poly wood, its standard English name: Wood & Biofiber Plastic Composites, commonly known in the industry WPC. The primary biomass material is sawdust, bamboo sawdust, wheat straw, bran, peanut shells, cotton straw based raw materials, polymer interfacial chemistry principles and characteristics of plastic filled with modified plastics compounding a certain proportion of the base material, by special treatment after the molding process a reversible recycling morphology diverse foundation material. It maintained the look and feel of solid wood flooring, but also has good moisture-proof water, acid, fungal, anti-static, anti-moth suppression performance, and high fire performance of wood-plastic products, pollution-free, pollution-free, can be recycled. Wood plastic composite board

Appearance of wood-plastic material is durable, long service life, wood, high hardness than plastic products, good rigidity; excellent physical properties, good size stability than wood, no cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, coating or composite surface craft made a brilliant appearance products; thermoplastic processing, easy application; secondary processing of wood: it can be sawed, planed, bonding, fixed with nails or screws, and is easy to maintenance; afraid of insects, resistance to aging, corrosion-resistant and will not absorb moisture deformation; reuse and recycling, and also biodegradable, environmentally friendly.

1. Use of high technology, the use of waste plastic and plant straw, wood composite materials, high temperature compressed into a typical environmental products.

2. This material water absorption of only 0.2%, good water resistance, not easy to mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-moth-eaten, good chemical stability, high hardness.

3. The texture of the material, high surface hardness, easy to wear, can be manufactured according to the needs of a different color, anti-aging properties, long life, outdoor garden decoration, landscape design, patio, flooring, landscape chairs, fence making, etc. the material of choice. Wood plastic composite material

4. can be used for packaging in the logistics process, is an ideal material for making crates, pallets.

5. size and shape are manufactured separately according to the user.

Foreign wood-plastic industry in North America, the North American region is the development of wood-plastic composite materials in the world's fastest and largest amount of area, is mainly used for outdoor architectural style rough, wood products and manufacturing technology are unlikely to pursue the fine . Over the past 10 years, the growth rate of the U.S. wood-plastic market remains more than 10%, especially in the past five years, particularly fast growing, production and sales of WPC in 2006 about 70 million tons. Now the United States is about 50 wood-plastic enterprises, has formed a complete industrial chain, which is characterized by large-scale, high yield, with an annual output generally tons or more.

This not only play WPC advantages to overcome the limitations of low intensity timber variability big and organic materials low modulus of elasticity caused by the use of each component in the material, but also make full use of waste wood and plastic, to reduce environmental pollution. Improve the material value-added products become more and more widespread concern. outdoor patio flooring


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