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WPC processing and major equipment

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WPC processing and major equipment  Empty WPC processing and major equipment

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The 2007 Ligna exhibition from May 14 to 18 held in Hanover, Germany, is headquartered in Vienna, Cincinnati Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd. (Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH) will aim to demonstrate wood-plastic flooring profiles (WPC Decking). Wood plastic flooring board

Ligna Exhibition in 2005, 1800 exhibitors and 57,200 visitors, is considered to be a worldwide event of the forest and timber industry, this year is still mired in the exhibition concept of the "mechanical material application, will showcase the rich timber application method, as well as timber processing technologies.

As WPC extrusion technology, the industry leader, Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH third show in Hanover huge equipment and processing knowledge, the company has sold worldwide over 100 WPC profiles extrusion line . In addition the company's conical Fiberex extruder and downstream equipment matching customized solutions.

Cincinnati This year's Ligna exhibition will showcase floor profiles, following popular in the United States, the wood-plastic profile extrusion upward trend in Europe. Although the stairs, balconies, pool or garden path with natural stone laying was a fad, but WPC flooring materials are becoming a new fashion. WPC flooring materials increasingly popular alternative to wooden flooring materials in various commercial establishments and private residences, this is because they have the following advantages: extruded WPC board processing and laying characteristics similar to natural wood, but at the same time has a natural wood are no advantages, such as weather resistance, good color, no debris. Wood plastic composite floor

Currently, the field of wood-plastic composite face the problem of high cost of production, to this end, manufacturers are seeking solutions. , Wood-plastic composite coextrusion formula cost by reducing the interlayer material can not see, so that 20-25% lower production costs highlight the advantages of one solution - for the outer layer of wood-plastic composite coextrusion coextrusion formulations typically have a higher stabilizer and masterbatch content of, and is designed according to the local market demand and customized, but can not see the intermediate layer material may be used to lower cost formulations.

In recent years, the WPC rely encouraged by the policies of the national circular economy, as well as the potential benefits of the enterprise demand for dual-power driven, especially wood-plastic material success into the construction of the Beijing Olympic Games venues and facilities, national WPC heat voltsHe played in the ascendant. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2008, the country joins in the wood-plastic composites industry chain development, production, sales, and ancillary enterprises for more than 200 equipment manufacturers (including molds) accounted for 1/4 or so. With the gradual expansion of wood-plastic market, the production capacity of domestic wood-plastic material with substantial increase in annual sales of wood products has reached 15 million tons, ranking second in the world; individual manufacturer's level of technology has leapt the world, and its innovative products often to foreign counterparts impressive. It should be said that this is a hard-won, an exciting situation. However, you should see the development of China's wood-plastic industry is uneven, some links are still problematic. To the author Opinion, the production of special equipment R & D lag is a bottleneck restricting the development of China's WPC WPC.

WPC processing and major equipment on the surface similar to the plastic processing, but as a marginal, multi-faceted, emerging industries of the specialized features of their equipment, technology and processes related to polymer chemistry, material rheology , wood chemistry, physical chemistry, fine chemicals, precision machinery, hydraulic transmission, vacuum technology, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, sensor technology, electronic automatic control and computer programming profession and discipline, its production equipment has its own distinct characteristics. Honed after several years of exploration, the practice has proved the WPC as independent characteristics of new materials, its processing difficulty far beyond the ordinary plastic products, and production equipment also an increasing tendency to specialization and specialization, and the resulting many new features and requirements. Wood Plastic Composite Floor


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