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Now WPC processing machinery requirements

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Now WPC processing machinery requirements Empty Now WPC processing machinery requirements

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Plastic floor workability may provide, planing, sawing, drilling, surface can be painted, high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, can be recycled. The product does NOT contain substances, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO level standard for the European grading environmental standards, recycling greatly Festival. Waterproof, moisture-proof. Fundamental solution to absorb water when wet wet and water environment perishable expansion deformation, wood products can be used to the traditional wood products can not be applied to the environment, good strength, high hardness, non-slip, wear-resistant, does not crack, infestation, water absorption, resistance to aging, corrosion-resistant, anti-static and UV, insulation, thermal insulation, fire-retardant, resistant to high temperature of 75 ℃ -40 ℃ low temperature. Wood plastic composite deck manufacturer

Wood-plastic floor is made ​​of wood plastic composite flooring, and wood processing characteristics, using ordinary tools sawing, drilling, nails, very convenient and can be used like ordinary wood. Also has anti-corrosion characteristics of the wood texture and plastic water timber, making it an excellent performance and very durable outdoor waterproof anti-corrosion construction materials.

Wood material in local home environment highlight the effect of window dressing has become increasingly beloved by consumers, product style coupled with the relatively high cultural value, but also to enrich the connotation of the brand to push up height, so these products will alsocontinued to rage.

WPC is filled with wood fiber or plant fiber, reinforced the modified thermoplastic materials, both cost and performance advantages of wood and plastic, extruded or oppression molding profiles, sheet or other products, instead of wood and plastic. Wood fiber plastic compounds, more than 80 years of history, but has not been able to industrialization, about 15 years ago, only a small amount for the low value of the sound-absorbing products. Strengthen the construction industry to protect the environment concept started looking for alternative materials like wood (non-corrosive, does not warp, easy maintenance, appearance and timber similar), South Korea and Japan, paper, wood processing plants seeking sawdust, waste sawdust and other applications. These are to promote and accelerate the research and development of the WPC. Wood flour filled compounds, processed into architectural and structural profiles extrusion one of the most active areas in the industry, and newly developed applications are endless. Many countries put into force to accelerate the pace of development and application, especially in the production of profiles, known as a "hot" market.

WPC: the polymer can add some artificial zeolite, this aluminum silicate the molecule captures powder materials can absorb odors. Cavity through a large number of crystalline powder, the adsorbent can capture odor of small organic molecules. Molecules capture adsorbent has been successfully applied to the polyolefin pipe extrusion, injection and extrusion blow-molded containers, isolated packaging materials, extrusion packaging and sealing material. Molecular adsorbent powder can also be added to the plastic in order to remove water vapor as desiccant. Wood Plastic Composite board

The extrusion products of different sizes and shapes increases the diversity of a wood-plastic composite material has a complicated structure design, when the profile is not required to have a continuous sheet-shaped structure or member WPC profile can be by injection molding or compression molding. Processing sometimes to face the wood materials in the process how to fully charge the mold, in order to solve this problem, they need to reduce the amount of wood filler in order to increase the fluidity of the melt.

200 ° C is the maximum temperature of the wood-plastic composite materials processing operations, some resin melting point above 200 ° C, such as PET, can not be used in wood-plastic composites. The deterioration of the performance of the composite moisture but also help the breeding ground for microorganisms, so be sure to remove moisture before using wood filler. The wood filler before the molding process to be dried, the general requirements of the gas content of the treated water is less than 1 to 2%.

Now WPC processing machinery requirements with feeding equipment, drying equipment, extrusion and forming equipment necessary downstream equipment such as cooling water tank, traction equipment and cutting equipment. Wood plastic composite product supplier


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