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The production of wood-plastic composites technology

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The production of wood-plastic composites technology Empty The production of wood-plastic composites technology

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Wood-plastic composites with wood and plastic, the performance indicators can be used with hardwood phase match off. Similar appearance under a sense of natural wood, plus T, development and production of personalized products according to customer requirements. Can replace outgoing shipments wood packing material and bedding material, can also be used for door window frame, building templates, indoor and outdoor flooring, furniture, auto parts, and traffic barrier. Wood plastic composite decking

Wood-plastic composite material is to make full use of the wood fiber (such as sawdust, rice husks, stalks, stems, etc.) mixed waste plastic and additives, has a certain shape made ​​of composite profiles extrusion. In recent years that the wood-plastic made ​​quietly quiet rise. Wood products are widely used in the automotive, construction, interior decoration, household appliances, and transportation industries, and its high-performance, economic, durable, environmentally friendly, recyclable characteristics, has been recognized by the people. In fact, wood products is not a new thing.

Wood-plastic composite materials and increasingly scarce real surgery compared with wood and plastic composite, non-absorbent, not moldy, anti-aging, acid and alkali, refused to pests, easy to color, easy processing, non-toxic, odorless and other characteristics ; the performance indicators comparable with hardwood look and feel similar to natural wood, sawing, planing, drilling, strong grip nails; according to customer requirements and production of personalized products, such as color. 100% recycled recycling is an excellent performance, economic and environmentally friendly new materials; small quality packaging materials and bedding materials to replace outgoing shipments; may also be used for door frames, building templates, flooring, furniture, cars Accessories and traffic barrier production. Wood plastic composite/WPC railing

The domestic market is still in its infancy, wood products not yet in large scale in the market. According to incomplete statistics, the annual production of wood-plastic composite products near 1O million tons (50% for the floor, and 15% for the doors and windows, and 15% for the bar, and 20% for other products), the output value of over 800 million yuan. According to the forecast, to the end of the 11th Five-Year, China's wood-plastic year, sales are expected to break through 5O million tons, the output value of more than 5 billion yuan; to the "12th Five-Year" period, China's wood-plastic production is expected to overtake the United States.

The production of wood-plastic composites technology to of polyolefin plastic surgery fibers as the raw material, the use of state-of-the-art one-step production process, granulation; processing technology is simple, easy to operate; special formulation design and production process, good mixing effect, plastic and wood powder is dispersed evenly; machines cutting speed, a substantial increase in production: a significant reduction in processing aids: product surface light Put excellent physical and mechanical properties; integrated production cost reduction. Production process "three wastes" discharge, material can be 100% recycled.

Chinese Academy of Forestry newly developed the advanced? The footwork production process, relative to the original process is no longer required granulation, so the processing easier, the costs are relatively lower. Developed the foaming process, reduce board density makes a broader range of applications and efficient. Wood-plastic composite foam indoor use the baseboard, outdoor floor. The production technology is a small investment, good benefits Fine Chemicals. wood plastic composite supplier


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