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Plastic wood for decks

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Plastic wood for decks Empty Plastic wood for decks

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Last year, the entire domestic industry are a haze, and some companies even facing closures, flooring industry is no exception, has experienced closures last year, this year a lot of home including flooring retail enterprises have "net" I hope that through electricity provider channel explore a new way. outdoor composite floor

China Electronic Commerce Research analyst Mo Dai Qing International Business Daily reporter also said that with the e-commerce hot line to the online home store business expansion will be a trend, but the line is a line supplement, you can not rely entirely on line, because household products more demand for consumer experience.

In addition, the industry believes that, pricing, logistics has become the online home sales need to respond to challenges.

Statistics show that first-tier urban household consumption has become saturated, home store sales per unit area is declining, low-cost, high-yield three-tier cities is becoming the main front beach home store. E-commerce is becoming a traditional home retail rapid development of the "highway." E-commerce with traditional marketing channels incomparable advantages: low cost of sales, precise positioning of target customers, one to one personalized marketing, rich and comprehensive information and so on. Moreover, the electricity supplier can also help accumulate household brand reputation, develop fixed consumer groups. Plastic wood for decks

Some industry insiders believe that, regardless of the business or consumer, flooring and other home business "net" is a good thing, not only saves cost and with the tide, the current downturn in the domestic retail market is undoubtedly a big survival rule .

But insiders said, flooring and other household goods has its particularity, "net" will lead to a number of specific questions: First, consumers can not get enough of online consumer experience, which can not be the product of volume and texture have precise grasp, affect their buying decision; secondly, household products with bulky, difficult to transport, easy to damage the particularity, so return troublesome and costly, especially in logistics costs; Again, household products and aftermarket logistics requirements high process complexity, difficult to handle corporate sales, logistics as well as the relationship between the original channel line.

Mo Dai Qing said, online pricing may impact line price system. Meanwhile, the electricity supplier may be the price the supplier has certain requirements, thereby squeezing the profit margins of suppliers, affect bilateral cooperation.

Flooring and other home business to be successful online business to expand, we need to consider how online marketing combined with a physical product, and ultimately highlight inexpensive core competitiveness, while protecting existing price system, the distinction between some online and offline products products, these are home business into e-commerce must be taken into account.

Home store online business model is still in the exploratory stage. Zhang Jing believes that household electricity providers should take some different line of promotional tools, such as providing free design services.

The industry believes that, O2O is the best flooring and other home industry sales model. Currently the best kind of model is cost-effective online and offline stores shop interactive collaboration, form a community of interests. Some flooring company also plans to rely on e-commerce platform to achieve product flow, logistics and customer flow to effectively integrate and explore an "online sales, offline experience" cross-border restructuring of the road. WPC Products


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