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Flooring material should be warm to the touch

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Flooring material should be warm to the touch  Empty Flooring material should be warm to the touch

Post  Admin Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:13 pm

When the babbling baby leave the cradle, the floor first became their favorite place. Regardless of the parents to provide them with what a luxury seats, babies still like sitting, crawling, lying on the floor. However, formaldehyde is often hiding in the floor in the baby off the ground nearer, the mean distance formaldehyde nearer. Wood plastic composite floor

Detection distance of less than 1.5 meters above the ground air layer, the formaldehyde content of more than 80% of the total indoor formaldehyde. At the same time, children in the growth and development of breathing than adults and 50% higher inhalation of formaldehyde air than adults. Currently, formaldehyde has become an important cause of childhood leukemia. Not long ago, China Interior Decoration Association Indoor Environmental Monitoring Committee had released home decoration indoor environmental consumer alert: home decoration science, a reasonable choice of ground material.

So, how to choose the ground material to children at the foot of the space security? Song Guangsheng, director of the institutions analyzed that commonly used three ground material: solid wood flooring, wood-based panels, stone tiles, have varying degrees of indoor environmental pollution, wood-based panels of ground material factors that caused the contamination of the indoor environment formaldehyde some more, if you prevent formaldehyde pollution should be noted that selection. Solid wood flooring, paint volatile organic compounds and benzene pollution, radioactive contamination of the tile-like material also should pay attention to. Some families are afraid pollution all of pavement tiles, but the northern winter will feel relatively cold room, also pose a security risk to the elderly and children. Wood plastic composite board

Decoration must select floor materials meet the standards of the national limit of harmful substances; reasonable with the ground material, room area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 100 square meters is best not to select a ground material, prevent harmful substances superimposed pollute. In addition, in the decoration of the floor of the children's room, there are some details need to pay attention:

Flooring material should be warm to the touch and easy to clean, can not have uneven patterns, seams, because not accidentally fall into the concave seams in the small things are likely to become the child's potential threat. At the same time, embossed and crevice easy to stumble toddler.

Flooring material is too hard, though easy to clean, but would be very uncomfortable for children crawling around. , Floor with flexible and non-slip performance is better.

Do not pavement plastic flooring, some foam products on the market, such as a floor puzzle, will release a large number of volatile organic substances, will affect the health of children. outdoor decking board


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