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Green to warm the floor

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Green to warm the floor Empty Green to warm the floor

Post  Admin Thu Jun 06, 2013 8:26 pm

Today, the rapid development in the community, the people of the quality of the home environment requirements are also rising, home building materials industry has developed rapidly, environmental protection, energy saving concept has also become the focus of attention. Home building materials, green building materials will be a lot of production and use. Green building materials, also known as ecological building materials, healthy building materials environmentally friendly building materials. To warm the flooring industry is also closely followed the pace of this trend, began early for environmentally friendly materials research and application. A variety of products available to warm the floor also made outstanding contributions to environmental protection, not only for home heating comfort and help to enhance the family environment, and also for the great development of the industry to warm up a great role in promoting. Outdoor decking Floor
Green to warm the floor: business opportunities

To warm to bring comfort and environmental protection at the same time, owing to its conventional heating has a very big difference between the special works, so the pavement to warm the floor above has brought great challenges. Today the face of electric floor heating water to warm gradually in people using traditional solid wood flooring although natural texture, comfortable, but warm the floor is still not competent, solid wood in the case of heat easily deformed, so natural cozy wood floors and warm the floor became consumers of fish and bear's paw, the two can not have both also, which led to the invisible great development to warm the floor to find a floor to warm sufficiently to meet reasonable Application. Outside flooring materials
Green to warm the floor: protect consumer safety and quality requirements

Floor heating can be more environmentally friendly product development to be applied to the majority of consumers families, is environment-friendly products to warm the ultimate goal. Along with the continual emergence of floor heating, the floor of the market being more numerous. Technology integration and continuous upgrading of products, is now there have been new wood to warm the floor to warm to face and overcome a series of questions. So that consumers can fully simultaneous warm to warm the floor to get to the advantages of this series are in the style of positioning, quality precision positioning and other aspects of a comprehensive study launched. Sufficient to meet the flooring and underfloor heating to warm to warm the construction materials in the process of continuous use, and thus more precise protect people's safety philosophy and pursuit of product quality.
New to warm the floor: the market will lead to warm the floor

Solving floor heated and deformed or the technical problems the most important is a completely new product performance digital structures to ensure the stability of the floor to be able to meet very often decorative appearance, but also to respond to the pavement brings on the warm stable when exposed to heat, no deformation phenomena. New wood to warm the floor full advantage of being in the warm sector can be said to fully apply thermal cycling test of geothermal heating, warm deformation response of this problem. But also to meet the energy saving and stable performance as the focus of consumer concern concept, which will gradually lead to warm the floor new market heading. Outdoor plastic flooring


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