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Laminate wood flooring quality is good

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Laminate wood flooring quality is good Empty Laminate wood flooring quality is good

Post  Admin Tue May 07, 2013 1:46 am

Many brand name of 100% imported or imported brand slogan, the actual businesses just imported a small part of most of the domestic materials and technology to produce.

Imported products and domestic products, packaging, size, and even colors are the same, merchant sales in the import price, you can distinguish the authenticity? In order to prove the "authenticity" of the import, businesses can import declaration and certificate of origin issued by the commitment to pay off ten, could not help but you do not believe. If you buy this fake, in order to identify the imported or domestically produced, seek justice, you must become its employees, in order to find insider, otherwise your chances of success are almost zero.

Strengthen the composite wood flooring substrate is crushed logs, eliminate all mold in the high-temperature cooking, adding formaldehyde glue repression. The standard product color wood colors (white, yellow, brown), laminate wood flooring will release formaldehyde into the air, the air quality hazards, many consumers are looking for a healthy, green products, Some businesses find that many consumers, respectively, between the green and the green color is not very clear. So he joined the substrate plate green pigment substrate dyed green, outreach, green substrate is added in the production process of the green factor or promote green products in a waterproof, reduce formaldehyde release over the true nature of the substrate .

In fact, green and non-green water, the release of formaldehyde, environmental protection do not have any relationship, for a time, every household to engage in green, as if to strengthen the environmental protection work of the laminated wood flooring has made considerable progress, Specialized in green substrate consumers, not to become the victims of 100%.

Laminate wood flooring quality is good or bad, the key in the selection of raw materials and with, as well as the accuracy of product processing, the board of imports and domestic plate in the size of the no difference, the board of imports and domestic board, such as the same technical requirements The difference between the products and the length of each plate, the width of the contents, some manufacturers see a floor size Example: 1290 * 195 * 1380 * 194 * 8, the long plate, the size, manufacturers of domestic production, took the opportunity to spread rumors, "import board length specifications, domestic board short specifications. Long plate prices go up, optimistic about the sales, the manufacturers not to argue long and short of the plate, but to reduce the production of short board, mass production of long board, a time of "imported" board surge, consumers spend less than imported board the price will be able to buy into the "import board also enjoyable, the biggest beneficiary is to make a long board for the import board, disrupting the market, to indiscriminate win the laminate flooring sales.

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