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high-quality solid wood flooring

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high-quality solid wood flooring Empty high-quality solid wood flooring

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As the prices of raw materials, transportation, labor costs rose one by one on the wooden floor in the market prices climbing higher and higher, the average increase up to 10%. Can be found members of the public visiting the building materials store, the price of some brand-name flooring falling instead of rising. In this regard, a building materials business for many years in the industry told reporters that the price is too cheap wood flooring may be "cottage floor. Some unscrupulous manufacturers for as little as 5 minutes, you can be an ordinary timber disguised as brand solid wood flooring.
Hardwood floors actually sold only 215 yuan?

Recently, in the Xihu road, a building materials store store "Pometia" Hardwood "Okan solid wood flooring, the cheapest Pometia floor price of 220 yuan, the remaining two prices are at 300 up and down. Reporter excuse "Xiangui" he tried to leave, but the boss greeted reporters, said: "cheap there." Subsequently, the shop owner with a reporter came to a row of special area, the reporter saw a marked special "Hardwood flooring actually selling only 215 yuan. The a special Pometia as long as 190 yuan. When a reporter asked why the same floor so different in price for a long time? The boss bluntly told reporters, these floors are processed. He pointed to the special "Hardwood floor told reporters that his authentic" Hardwood floors Origin Shanghai and Shenzhen, but this "Hardwood floors from Zhejiang, is reprocessed. The wood is what he did not know, but look exactly the same, and Hardwood cheaper plans, with the line, the quality is not bad.
Truth: inferior wood incarnation of high-quality solid wood flooring

Processing of building materials boss say exactly how it happened? Woman flooring business for many years in the industry, Mr. Zhang pseudonym told reporters the store owner calls the "makeup" There are many ways, the most common is the "transfer". In simple terms, the "transfer" is the first in the b-board quality lower wood covered with a layer of mortar putty printed on the pattern of the wood manufacturers want to re-use computer technology in the wood, and finally paint. The whole process only about 5 minutes, a Class B board can transform itself into any desired solid wood flooring. In this makeup wood huge profit margins. "Zhang said, this kind of processing methods as long as five dollars per square meter, and pre-processing of wood is generally of poor quality and even Poles wood cost even $ 100 are not processing has since become priced at $ 300.

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