Painting Composite Wood Door
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Waterproof decking

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Waterproof decking Empty Waterproof decking

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As e-commerce era, especially the huge network platform gradually, more and more people are more inclined to shop online for the home building industry, flooring dealers, is undoubtedly a great competitor, which also indicates the sales trend of more and more significant outflow face of such changes in the market, dealers how firmly secured his throne. Wood plastic composite Decking
From the shopkeeper turned OK Jia

Network economy era, especially in community-based store cupboard stores should change "Kaimennake" to "home treat" change "into the store to buy" to "home order" from the shopkeeper into line Jia. In addition to the normal community activities, but should try to launch phone or online ordering convenience services, the opening of the store's online payment account, or equipped with a portable mobile POS machines. Infancy, businesses do a dollar a dollar, foster consumer shopping habits, what made up the core of the mobile stores. Outdoor composite furniture
Strengthen interaction with the users microblogging

Every clerk, is a source. Therefore, in addition to opening stores outside the official microblogging, microblogging launched the clerk opened individuals to achieve "full microblogging, microblogging full time" variable microblogging microblogging marketing sales, stores it as an adjunct to publicity, effective tool for sales clerk, and the formation of an open microblogging every hair, Ait bunch of local big V, city will, media official microblogging habits. I believe that generally nets, focusing on fishing effort will not disappoint the person determined.
Increase the heat store promotion

Not all actors can become the star of the highly anticipated, but if they work hard, play a small role but also ran out of the absolute protagonist. Therefore, the probability of success is always very small, and do one thing and do a work effort required, and always great. Specific to the store is no different. Dealers can increase the store's theme event planning for non-stop propaganda, to create a good atmosphere stores. Waterproof decking


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