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Best waterproof flooring

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Best waterproof flooring Empty Best waterproof flooring

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More than a year in the South China home market practitioners floor salesman told reporters that most of the consumers are the first choice of furniture, and then will buy the floor. The color of the floor is usually followed in coordination with the style and color of the furniture, wall color echoes the principle to match. The majority will uphold the light-colored with a light-colored, dark with dark; or color gradient, shallow wall, floor, furniture deep. As shown in Figure 1, the ceiling brush white, the walls are beige, beige floor with cabinets, cupboards and door color should be deeper than the color of the floor, with not only look very coordinated, but also a sense of depth.

In addition, the reporter also saw during the visit, some consumers consider the living room area or the light to pick the color of the floor, This is especially prominent in the decoration of the small apartment. Salesman Xiaohui said: "As we all know, warm colors, color expansion, color cool colors contraction, this principle also applies to the small size of the decoration. Cool small apartment usually choose dark shades of brown, black walnut floor walls and ceilings coupled with bright colors, so that the interior is more spacious, as shown in Figure 2; light is not very adequate room, consumers will be very proactive select the brightness higher floor; choice of color, the small family tend to be small texture or ruled effect, so that the room will not haphazard, but buy a small apartment and more young people, also not in accordance with the common brand, they like to follow their own preferences to choose the color of the floor, ceiling and walls gray sheet, ground white, formed tonal contrast. Like the beginning mentioned above, an alignment marriages also purchased small apartment, they bought the floor early on just their favorite color without considering other decoration factors. Since the two sides disagree, then they listened to the recommendations store designer, highlight the cool floor space, so the final choice of black and brown floor.

Visited, the industry source said a majority of consumers choose the floor consideration of the most easily overlooked point, that is the function of each room, floor color choices learned. The living room is the living space of the family group, but also to receive guests place, so the tone should not be strongly stimulated, but need more bright and lively, such as: yellow, beige, light blue, can bring a relaxed atmosphere; bedroom family the highest privacy requirements, the choice of colors is the best soft, warm, able to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere conducive to sleep, such as: yellow, pale; restaurant also warm-based, should be conducive to the appetite, such as: light orange; study people for learning, work space, people calm, concentration, indoor tone based colors elegant, ground floor, the choice of dark, brown floral floor can also be used.

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