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Affordable outdoor flooring

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Affordable outdoor flooring Empty Affordable outdoor flooring

Post  Admin Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:54 pm

This year, the flooring market demand continued to decline, businesses in order to grab customers around the board, the price war has never stopped, profits are excessive compression, especially profit from sales of laminate flooring has been less than 10%. Such margins, businesses simply can not sustain. Outdoor deck Furniture

Laminate flooring has been a price advantage to seize the market, in 2012 the market share of laminate flooring growth rate has been slowing. Ongoing price war, has made flooring manufacturers and distributors vitality. Timber market in Guangdong jade sandalwood laminate flooring 807 × 130 × 12mm offer for 75 yuan / square meter.

Experienced a crazy expansion enclosure and price competition era, flooring companies followed in the footsteps of the supermarkets into the service competition era. Service is absolutely not just verbal propaganda, only to truly implement the rope for the hearts of consumers to turn to gain greater market share.

Service, even one for the entire industry enterprises, operators seem to have just a small part of the work, but the thing is small, but according to relevant statistics Introduction: When a consumer satisfaction information on businesses spread to three individuals , the same information to be satisfied with eight propaganda. And regardless of whether the data is reliable, but the potential impact should not be ignored. So, how to do service do? I believe that as a flooring company should "Strength" approach:

First: operations and decision-makers of the service sector positioning

As a high-level (or so-called "rules of the game makers"), from the overall situation, if the customer service department is defined as: the establishment is only as symbolically present in the distribution system or in the sales cycle than the last, simply engaged in service and other work, "lose money department." So, there will be: Department insufficient attention beyond the reach → Staff → Management → Terminal Services despise their jobs are not in place → customer satisfaction and consumer propensity potentially reducing → loss of turnover, etc. a vicious cycle. Conversely, if the customer service department is defined as "profitable sector", the result will be the opposite. WPC wall cladding

Second: to strengthen management from the workflow

Employee training, the typical problems and solutions as one of the priorities; truly take advantage of classes before and after class to discover, feedback and problem solving; as a department head, good effective communication between the upper and lower levels at the same time do a good job with the brothers transmission of information between departments (including customers' preferences for goods, services, requirements and problems reactions and other relevant information gathering statistics and analysis, etc.).

Third: enhance service department staff capability

Ability to reflect that preventive measures, to solve practical problems. On the basis of the process focus on strengthening the details, such as on some material or spiritual reward under the premise of the staff do a good job diary and weekly, the new issue at the meeting uniform feedback and response, which not only improve staff capacity and fill training to accumulate service experience, you do more with less!

Fourth: raise awareness of service

Awareness, decided to act as an important factor can not be ignored since Needless to say, at work, staff awareness of service is equally important. Of course, the quality of such training are not happen overnight, it takes a great environment, the need for an inclusive corporate culture and philosophy and strengthening, and first and foremost as a management and decision-making have this awareness.

In short, the flooring business in a "terminal is king" in the market environment, when more and more intense competition in the industry, products and prices become more and more homogeneous premise, we would like flooring business managers: seriously good service, good service details, good detail every step carefully with each step! Affordable outdoor flooring


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