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eco-friendly outdoor sunshades

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eco-friendly outdoor sunshades Empty eco-friendly outdoor sunshades

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Pregnant women and infants because of their specificity, are susceptible to the surrounding environment. Therefore, pregnant women and infants with a family on the home environment health requirements more stringent in their choice of home decoration materials will be more emphasis on environmental protection and health. According to my understanding, the Bank's net aldehyde new friends E0 floor has been favorable for such families, pregnant women and infants to become the first choice of home health floors. outdoor porch flooring

In this phenomenon, I interviewed a number of flooring consumers, the answer is nothing more than: environmental health, good quality, reliable, cost-effective and so on.
Net aldehyde floor E0, E0 grade healthier

Friends of the World Net aldehyde E0 flooring is featured through the international FSC (Forest Stewardship Council International) certified as Class A E0 class wood panel, the use of low-formaldehyde modified adhesive E0 class, improve and strictly control the production process, and through layers of testing, ensure that each floor has reached E0 standard, formaldehyde emission ≤ 0.5mg / L.

How safe is it E0 class? Our daily lives many common foods also contain small amounts of formaldehyde, formaldehyde content in beer is 1.28mg, a cup of coffee in a formaldehyde-containing 30mg, an apple also contains formaldehyde 4mg. While an adult in the laying of the World Friends of net aldehyde E0 breathing room floor for 24 hours before inhalation of formaldehyde is about 0.6mg. Eat an apple a day than the amount of formaldehyde is less. For pregnant women and infants, it is very healthy and safe.Exterior deck flooring

Net aldehyde E0 floor through the four major domestic authoritative quality inspection agencies (National plywood and bamboo products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Shanghai Building Materials and Components of Quality Supervision, Inspection Station, Zhejiang Forest Products Quality Inspection Station, State Forestry Administration, Nanjing based panels quality Supervision and inspection Station) uniform testing, testing of the indicators have reached or exceeded the national quality standards, in particular formaldehyde emission E1 only the highest standards in force in the country-level (≤ 1.5mg / L) 1/3, to the E0-class standards . Authority of the test results, so that consumers are more net aldehyde E0 believe the health and quality flooring.
Net aldehyde E0, cost-effective and more affordable

Net aldehyde E0 flooring is parquet, wood flooring both natural and comfortable advantage, but also both the stability and wear resistance laminate flooring advantages. And formaldehyde emission reached the E0 class environmental standards. Friends of the World has overcome technical difficulties, mastered the core technology. Reduce costs, can produce large quantities of E0 parquet. Net aldehyde E0 floor makes affordable, cost-effective. Meet the consumer's purchase psychology.

Friends of the World Net aldehyde E0 wood flooring because of its environmental health, quality, reliable, cost-effective, has become the first choice for pregnant women and the health of infants and young children families good floor. eco-friendly outdoor sunshades


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