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So far, so good. None of the professionals I contacted had heard of Sanitred. The guy I originally hired to resurface the pool and decking actually caused the problem by raising the water level and not sealing the cold joint between the pool and the decking. The higher water level needed to reach the skimmer resulted in water leaking out of the pool to the surrounding areas. swimming pool deck

This guy tried a popular concrete-based product but to no avail...after 14 months. After a threatened lawsuit and settlement, I decided to do the work myself. The Permaflex and TAV/LRB mixture seemed worth trying.

While not the simplest products to use, if you tackle weekend projects around the house, you can successfully use Sanitred. After 4 months of increasing temperatures in AZ, the flexibility of Sanitred is just what was needed to seal the cold joint between the pool and the decking.

While there are certain pool deck materials that are more conducive to the environment around pools (slip-resistant, heat-reflective, etc.), the pool deck surface you choose will need to match your design desires and your budget. Some of the factors that you should consider include complementing the surrounding landscape, space availability, people traffic, care and upkeep.

Some materials are more flexible than others regarding maintenance and long-term life. Lighter colored surfaces will tend to be the most heat-reflective. Consider using two or more materials to achieve a desired look if your budget doesn't allow for your entire pool deck to be created in one type of material. Use the list below to see the various advantages and disadvantages of each type of pool deck surface.

Technology has propelled concrete into a mainstream surface material that meets the demands of being durable with minimal maintenance, being budget-friendly, and being design-oriented. Some of the most popular designs in concrete include stamping (imprinting the surface in a pattern such as cobblestone or flagstone), stenciling (to imitate brick or other patterns), exposed aggregate, rock-salt finish, and colored concrete. For more in-depth information about each of these applications on concrete visit ConcreteNetwork.com: stamped concrete, stenciling concrete, exposed aggregate, rock-salt finish, colored concrete. WPC decking product

The over flow channel associated with a deck level pool can be covered in many ways. The conventional method, and still popular, is plastic grating that is economical and low maintenance. For modern effect stainless steel grating works well, and if you have a traditional setting we can supply purpose made stone grating that will match the pool surround. In modern deck level pools, we sometimes also use a continuous slot around the pool that makes the channel very discreet and offers a very minimalist look. The tiles or stone used for making the slot can be matched to the pool surround making the transition from pool to surround very dramatic.

Because the water level in a deck level pool is the same as the pool surround, we need to construct a balance tank to take the water displaced by a swimmer entering the pool. Due to this extra structure and also extra detailing required for the overflow channel and associated gratings, deck level swimming pools usually are more expensive than skimmer type pools, but are well worth the price.

Deck level swimming pools have got their name from the fact that the level of water is same as the level of surrounding pool deck. This creates an effect of continuity that makes the pool hall look larger than actual, so a deck level pool is ideally suited for indoor installation. The deck level pool effect also makes the pool look more modern, so it also goes well with new build development properties where contemporary look and clean lines are a big advantage. Hardwood floor and Engineered flooring


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