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Custom floor graphics can be designed

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Custom floor graphics can be designed Empty Custom floor graphics can be designed

Post  Admin Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:31 am

Custom floor graphics can be designed and cut into virtually any shape to direct your customer to your next retail sales promotion. Create a line of dollar signs and apply to the sidewalk in front of your store to lead clients to savings. Cut music notes and have them placed in sidewalk intersections to direct event attendees to bathrooms and concessions. outdoor wall panel

No matter if you want your new custom floor graphics to last a few days or a few hours, Signs By Tomorrow can produce and install your outdoor floor graphics without curling and peeling, thanks to our powerful over laminates!

While the roofing demolition and re-construction work was in process, the owner researched better methods for installing stone or tile over a rooftop waterproof membrane . There were two important criteria for the new rooftop outdoor floor surface: (1) rapid drainage and (2) no direct attachment to the torch-down membrane. The rooftop pitch was shallow falling toward roof drains and would require only minor adjustments in places to bring the finished outdoor floor surface to a level finish.

The owners extensive research led him to the PierdeX® Outdoor Floor System™. One significant feature of this system is its large structural dimension; 32"x32". Unlike other rooftop terrace systems that support single tiles on individual pedestals, the PierdeX® system uses a large panel to support multiple tiles ither uniform sizes or random dimensions. Since the owner was not enthusiastic about square tiles for this application, this system opened many more creative choices for surfacing materials and layout patterns. In addition, the structural panel combined with the Ped-Tite® connector, interlocked all underlayment panels together into a continuous floating floor. The owner found this to be an easy method to achieve a uniform and sturdy outdoor floor surface which could still be dismantled in the future if necessary.

The PierdeX® Outdoor Floor System™ could have been installed on pedestals, but the lower 2" clearance did not require this. Instead, the owner placed the Ped-Tite® connectors directly on the waterproof membrane and shimmed them as needed in a couple of places using additional scraps of torch-down waterproofing. Cutting and placement of the PierdeX® underlayment panel was simple, although it took some time to properly measure and optimize the panel layout before starting the installation.

Strong durable resin construction with wood grain finish. The Resin fountain displayed has solid color throughout the fountain materials, meaning that if a small piece is chipped - the exposed finish will be the base color of the final exterior finish. Restoring the finish may also be achieved with the proper paint or stain recommended by your home improvement retailer. The lightweight construction allows for easy set-up installation indoors or outdoors. Includes pump, connections, Polished River Stones and instructions. Some fountains require assembly. We recommend this fountain for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor Porch Deck Flooring


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