Painting Composite Wood Door
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Wood plastic composite board

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Wood plastic composite board Empty Wood plastic composite board

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In recent years, wood building materials gradually become the focus of attention of many people in the industry. According to related statistics, the WPC has been popular in Europe and the United States four or five decades, due to its high technology content, high industry barriers to entry is not a long time in the country, and is mainly used in outdoor landscapes and packaging tray The class of the field. It is because such applications, the indirect cause the average consumer attention and less understanding of the WPC. Wood plastic

Wood-plastic product development time in the country is not to ten years, but the whole industry chain is gradually began to take shape from the raw materials, technology, process and other aspects are maturing. Environmental protection and energy saving wood-plastic products, in line with the policy guidance of the national sustainable development strategy and a low carbon economy, 2002, the WPC is included in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2002, high-tech development report, 2003, the National Development and Reform Commission will be wood-plastic composite material were included in the national high-tech industrialization of new materials and special projects; June 2005, the State Council issued a "good recent focus on the work of building a conservation-minded society, we can see, the wood-plastic composite materials and their products will become the next few years the national focus on the development of new materials projects. Wood plastic composite board

In the WPC good prospects as well as the domestic industry awareness of environmental protection and energy saving dual drive, nowadays more and more people in the industry started to pay attention to the development of wood-plastic interior doors, wood-plastic flooring, wood ceilings wallboard. At present, domestic enterprises engaged in the production of wood-plastic building materials has reached dozens of part of the strength of wood-plastic company also has plans to develop wood-plastic building materials projects.

Although the products of the wood-plastic chamber in the country yet not a building materials market mainstream products, but I believe the near future, the wood-plastic building materials will definitely be building materials and other materials were evenly divided, or even come from behind to sit tight in a wood-plastic country. Household goods Co., Ltd. Guangzhou famous for its unique vision, courage when the industry leader, in a lot of people do not know what wood-plastic building materials, the mountains have already begun the introduction of foreign advanced production line put into the production of wood-plastic building materials. Dominated by the initial export trade has been gradually developed to synchronize the development of today's domestic and foreign. Practitioners ten years, the excellent quality of its products, the product is the total complete, fashionable, comprehensive services, and popular.

Asian International Mr. Qian Jiang, general manager Liu Jia arrival of the Secretary-General welcomed the great interest, especially for wood-plastic composite materials and furniture green manufacturing "docking. Qianjiang said year two Asian International Green Furniture Materials Expo theme of "Innovative green furniture materials, build global sourcing event", the integration of Shunde furniture industry resources, advocate the concept of green has been successfully held the 4th . In recent years, Asia's world first to the high pollution, high energy-consuming furniture challenges, to promote environmental quality furniture, materials, and to promote the trend of green furniture, green furniture, health furniture. Asia's world first exhibition of the Asia Furniture Material Green Furniture Materials Exhibition Area B into the dermis area, leading the green wind of scraping the Chinese furniture industry by praise outside the industry, but also hope that the WPC industry is able to actively participation in them. Liu Jia Gaoxing "wood-plastic composite materials and furniture, green manufacturing symposium preparations for next month will be held here, and look forward to a good start in cooperation with the Asian International. Wood plastic composite deck


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