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Wood plastic composite Pavilion

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Wood plastic composite Pavilion Empty Wood plastic composite Pavilion

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This week Friday 3.15 Consumer Rights Day, household consumer rights issues will be the same as in previous years, was put on the agenda. Say 3.15 in mid, in fact, the consumer rights is not in the moment, and need to have a long-lasting protection mechanisms. The most critical, consumers, businesses, government and the media can united front and common efforts to protect the interests of consumers. We look forward to the rising awareness of the rights of consumers, businesses and strive to become a responsible, play enterprise, government unified and standardized home improvement safety standards as soon as possible to establish a media supervision by public opinion in order to protect the interests of consumers escort. Outdoor decking Floor

Complaint handling from previous years, the guerrillas and individual ad hoc renovation is still accounted for the vast majority of complaints, and flooring products marketing fraud, price confusion, quality problems, decoration company in schedule delays, shoddy, substandard environmental problems still the mainstream.

So, how to solve the weak link in the security of flooring and other home improvement? How can I bring consumers the most intimate of the most realistic experience of home improvement, giving consumers the safest and most reliable home improvement experience?
The hidden engineering problems highlight

Lift decoration, people are often the first to notice spatial pattern, design style "face project", to the neglect of the decoration "in the project, that is usually called" the hidden works. In fact, the hidden quality of the project will have a direct impact on people's daily lives. garden decking board

In fact, flooring decoration industry for several years in consumer complaints "the list" the hidden works particularly prominent, mainly based materials shoddy, price hidden mystery. Industry sources, the hidden project is the most common problem is improper installation home leaking. "In the home improvement process, if ignored, waterproof, not will be closed in accordance with the process requirements in the the knuckle or alteration pipeline secondary bonding problems later use, it is easy."

Of course, these questions gave life to bring a lot of inconvenience, even safety implications. However, the in home improvement acceptance of aspects of these problems is not easy to be found, often in the use of 2 to 5 years after the problem, this time a lot of flooring products have a shelf life for the rights to increase the difficulty.

Therefore, the industry suggested that the link in home improvement and acceptance, acceptance step-by-step, in the process of construction, we must first acceptance of the hidden works to view the power outlet Shoufang ground, Bright is connected on the second part, as well as glass installation on wood, tile laying and other details.
Select brand floor to avoid the price of worship

In addition to the multi-the lining project "complaints, floor the home improvement guerrillas and cottage floor brand is 3.15" black list "of the regulars. Therefore, as far as possible to choose the brand flooring business, choose a relatively high price product is a response to "security card".

After all, brand flooring enterprises often experienced years of market experience, has made enough reputation and recognition in order to save alive today, in order to keep the brand flooring companies also tend to raise their own invisible on behalf of consumers to separate the wheat from the chaff screened again.

"For the consumer, I think that the first is looking for personnel qualification and qualified companies to do service Industry Association convention, which is a basic protection, because he entered this mechanism before there is a access mechanism, the first to help you filter an excellent choice. second, should have the awareness of rights, we have a lot of something uncontrollable able to give effect to the text and to implement as far as possible to the text, including the design contracts, construction contracts and material procurement documents, which are conducive to the late activist, a flooring brand investment manager said.

However, the industry also reminded Select brand enterprises is not equivalent to blindly worship "nor means more expensive price on a certain security. To achieve environmental protection and consumer safety, we should adopt new technologies, new materials, new processes, ensure the indoor space, color, connotation the get the good embodied cases, environmental design should take full account of the selected material is environmentally friendly, and the amount of whether it is reasonable, indoor air circulation exists dead ends, whether there will be light pollution. Wood plastic composite Pavilion


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