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The wood facing new competitive wood extrusion

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The wood facing new competitive wood extrusion  Empty The wood facing new competitive wood extrusion

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Plastic enhancements, in addition to other than the traditional glass, aramid fibers and carbon fibers, natural fibers are being more and more applications. In many cases, the wood fibers and the sawdust filled plastic can be a good substitute for natural wood or medium density fiberboard, they can also be opened up to a broader market. Wood fibers and thermoplastic be utilized together to produce a wide variety of extrusion products. The proportion of the wood can be as high as 90%. Wood Plastic Composite board

Celecoxib are additives, this main component in the processing of thermoplastic polymers, wood and other natural fibers, compared with the inorganic filler and the reinforcing fibers, has many advantages. They are lighter, less likely adhesive material is updatable. For example, wood chips can be used as a filler to reduce the cost of materials, but it can also be used to improve the strength or the dimensional stability of the temperature independent. The negative aspect is an increase in weight.

The combination of wood and thermoplastics is not a new thing, but to rely on the new technology, the wood has a simple additive, developed to assume from the principal component of the role, a new performance and possibilities. Wood extrusion in the United States has been using for decades, but did not win a large market scale compared with the plastic extrusion and full wood working. The early 1980s, to the interior parts of the automotive industry, commercial applications, and since then continuous development. For the first time an international wood-plastic composite materials seminar held in 1991 in the United States Madison. From 1990 to 2000, the U.S. market growth of about 135%, especially in the last five years significant.

Europeans filled thermoplastic extruded wood fiber can be traced back to 1977. However at the time timber content is only 30%. In the process of time, this proportion has been rising sharply. outdoor fence

The term "liquid wood" is sometimes used incorrectly molded timber. The liquid timber is used to describe the use of lignin as a basic ingredient material. Lignin and natural fibers are mixed together and heated to produce the fiber composite material can withstand further processing.

The wood facing new competitive wood extrusion effectively combine the advantages of the two materials. Get an synergies between the various economic processing methods used in the positive performance of the wood and plastic technology. However, it must take into account the performance of the wood fiber material profiles can not be compared with the performance of the polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) or polyvinylchloride (PVC) material. In other words, the window frame profiles with the prominence of PVC, wood fiber material will not change anything. The wood extrusion positioning market have so far been involved in traditional materials such as wood or medium density fiberboard. Wood Plastics Composite Door


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