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After the project is put into production arrangements

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After the project is put into production arrangements Empty After the project is put into production arrangements

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August 2, Taiwanese Miss Wang Jingyi to my district supervisor qizhen renewable Profiles Technology project construction, it is put into operation as soon as possible efficiency. Chang Town, the main party responsible for the comrades Miss Wang Jingyi activities in Xuecheng, and Taiwan Affairs Office in the same district, the Development and Reform Commission, organized a welcome dinner with Miss Wang Jingyi via letter, environmental protection, finance and other departments responsible comrades. outdoor waterproof decking

1, due to the density of the wood-plastic material itself, in the use of the position of the self-tapping screw needs to primer hole with a drill, and then the self-tapping screw fastening.

2, the fixed keel requirements. The mounting face flat, no potholes, keel spacing L 300mm ~~ 350mm.

3, For large area plastic floor coverings, it is recommended that the use of icons installed, each plastic floor length does not exceed 2 meters.

4, edge treatment of wood-plastic flooring. Edge use of wood-plastic flooring plastic sheet B10-140 or B16-70 to be finalized, according to the height of the floor keel, B14-140 or B16-70 tailored to the desired height, the fixed Edge wood plastic materials since The tapping screw spacing of 400mm ~~ 600mm. You can also choose other metal edge banding as wood-plastic flooring Edge.

5, For bend wood plastic floor coverings, according to the length and angle of the bend at both ends of every piece of wood-plastic flooring cutting and then pavement. wood-plastic composite decking and railing

6, step wood-plastic floor coverings, stairs sun angle is recommended to use metal straps on the plastic floor protection.

7, during use, to avoid heavy impact or collision. Note to properly handle the materials storage, transportation, installation process, avoid it falls from a height impaired.

Qizhen regeneration profile technology projects is another major breakthrough for our region to Taiwan Merchants. The project is located in West Xue Zhou Lulu, Chang Zhen Ji Village East, covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 34 acres, about $ 100 million construction investment by Taiwan Miss Wang Jingyi, planned to build 20 profile production line, forming lines imported from Taiwan and engineering and technical personnel, and supporting the building of 12,000 square meters plant, set exhibition hall, laboratory, office in one comprehensive service building of 5,000 square meters. The project uses waste plastic, waste wood and agricultural straw, physical treatment by high temperature and pressure, chemical additives, is supported by the state environmental protection and energy saving industry. The products are widely used in the automotive industry, the home building industry, alternative to traditional energy consumption material aluminum alloy, aluminum panels, composite panels. After the project is put into production arrangements for the employment of more than 200 people, to achieve revenue of more than 1000 million. Currently, the project has been completed office building and two rows of the plant's construction, decoration and mechanical installation of six production lines, the ongoing training of technical staff work. wood outdoor flooring


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