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Environmental protection is a popular topic in flooring

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Environmental protection is a popular topic in flooring Empty Environmental protection is a popular topic in flooring

Post  Admin Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:10 pm

Ecological wood, decorative materials in the home or a novel, but in foreign countries has been popular for many years. It is based on wood flour and PVC powder as the main material, a wood-plastic composite materials synthesized by a special process, it can be a partial substitute for wood, plastic, steel, but has more advantages in certain use of the environment, has been widely applied in many industries such as architecture, landscape and engineering decoration. Currently more popular in the area, including suspended ceiling, building engineering decoration and home decoration, wall decoration, flooring, doors and windows. outdoor composite floor

In the heart of the people, will always feel the wood products people produce a kind of intimacy, but do not know the area of its application is so extensive. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, as long as you want, you can have a complete wooden world. Ecological wood is most characteristic of environmental protection, and the sun and wind and rain without deformation, so in addition to doing interior decoration, outdoor decoration is also very appropriate. In addition, many variations of ecological wood product modeling, and each product has a lot of colors to choose from, of course, like parquet flooring renovation as assembly, so it's very good decorative effect.

Many people may still puzzled how ecological wood pavement fact, the paving process and wood flooring similar, and both need to play the keel are the implementation of the operation by the manufacturers of professional workers, concrete paving way into the store after professional and technical personnel to provide services.

Ecological wood product positioning, high-grade, it's the biggest bright spot is that environmental health, and is ideal for high-end home improvement, tooling. Unlike solid wood and composite wood, as a new type of composite material, it has characteristics more suitable for outdoor decoration, increasingly enlarged the concept of "green environmental protection, ecological construction today, I believe it will gradually into the public vision.

Flooring and other products, whether or not qualified environmental index key is whether the target. So, various government departments for flooring and decoration materials market increasingly great importance on the eco-friendly floor next year will continue to be the market mainstream. Outdoor deck Furniture

Environmental protection is a popular topic in flooring and other home industry in recent years, especially under the impact of the real estate policy, is heating up competition in the flooring industry, environmental protection has become a great weight of the various businesses to enhance market competitiveness and brand strength. Can be seen, and in the various signs of trends in flooring industry in 2013 is still the safety and environmental protection. Flooring enterprises in particular, pay attention to the research and development of new energy-saving products, as well as the protection of the environment in the production process.

The test report is the most intuitive material to reflect the floors environmental indicators, to buy flooring, flooring suppliers will always come up with different testing agencies issued the report form formaldehyde emission, and some may be marked 0.08mg/m3, and some may be labeled there are 0.8mg / L, the two formaldehyde content inspection report single values ​​recorded different units, who are more environmentally friendly it? seemingly the former, in fact, 0.8mg / L more environmentally friendly.

There are three domestic formaldehyde emission detection method: perforation to quenching the emulated, climate chamber method and dryers law, the dryer which method is most accurately reflects the floor of the environmental performance of the test method, also the contents of the implementation of the new national standard. Provisions of the July 2002 GB: flooring formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 1.5mg / L shall comply with the provisions of the new national standards, in line with the requirements of indoor environmental health. wood plastic composite supplier


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