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Wooden flooring is mainly divided into

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Wooden flooring is mainly divided into Empty Wooden flooring is mainly divided into

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Wood, steel, plastic, cement and four traditional building materials, wood has a unique advantage of low carbon recycling, and natural wood completely harmless to humans. The history of human use of wood almost throughout the history of human development, from the earliest apes use twigs hominid cave to find food to export stakes guardrail, then later extended several thousand wooden buildings and furniture, and even our meal to be Using chopsticks, our survival and life never left the wood. If there is no timber is hard to imagine our lives will be like dilemma. Should not we be right to accompany the human N years of timber filled with awe? Nature has given us the gift of gratitude. outdoor wall panel
Pleasant nature of wood, used in the home environment, not only gives us the enjoyment of beauty, and gave space to bring warmth and intimacy. The natural texture of wood inlaid with trees centuries ASE China, pursue its mark, we can for the time being forget the reality a little hustle and steel city brought Jincu suffocation. It can be predicted, based on people back to nature and life Jingning vision of peace, the development of wood flooring without using figures depict space, because this is some kind of ultimate human pursuit.
This logic, wooden floor and our life together and live together long, its essence is far from "surface decoration materials," this concept can cover. As with the students of the same length, we must share common goals. As wood flooring manufacturers, safety and environmental protection should be used as a universal value to their own requirements, so that the considered part, beyond the considered excellent and contributions. Wood plastic composite Wallboard
Environmental resistance: national standards have lagged behind, reasonable and legitimate tangle
Wooden flooring is mainly divided into solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring and bamboo flooring, cork flooring. From an environmental point of view, the most green and reliable wood flooring, several other categories as in the production process requires the use of adhesive, easy to produce formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) risk if these volatiles super volume, will pose a health hazard to the user and even the risk of cancer.
In order to protect the legitimate interests of consumers and regulate industrial development, in 2001 China began to implement the national standard GB18580-2001 (interior decoration materials, plywood and their products of formaldehyde release limit). Introduction of the implementation of this standard to improve the market access threshold, the majority of non-compliant products are therefore cleared the market, Chinese flooring industry to enhance the overall environmental quality.
As consumers bedroom security environment requirements increase, this standard has been seriously lagging behind. The standard requires that our country plywood (laminate flooring, solid / bamboo flooring, cork flooring composite substrates used are wood-based panels) of formaldehyde release limit values ​​are divided into two, namely E1 and E2 grade level, E2 level ≤ 5.0mg / L, E1 level is ≤ 1.5mg / L. This standard provides for a release Formaldehyde concentration, but does not require total control chamber, which means that only the release of the control unit, but not with total control of wood-based panels, when the amount reaches a certain level plywood, formaldehyde it will exceed the cumulative release.
From a legal perspective, the business as long as meet the national standards for legal, even if the companies have exceeded the total amount of formaldehyde release may not be liable for, but if you stand on moral or rational point of view, even if able to evade the law firm Responsibility, which kinds of companies are not going to win the trust of consumers, businesses will also face Yingliaoguansi lose market risks. Between lawful and reasonable, many companies often choose to maximize the benefits of the legitimate on the line. Based on this, the pursuit of rational enterprise made us respect. Big art tree (D. Wood Co., Ltd., Zhejiang's flooring brands) is one such brand, in order to make the product close to the absolute safety and environmental protection, at extra cost will also practice their universal values. Wood plastic floor


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