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Green core is moisture-proof floor logo Empty Green core is moisture-proof floor logo

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The green core floor is not equal to an eco-friendly floor

Laminate flooring consists of surface wear layer, decorative layer, timber, grass-roots and moisture-proof balance layer, the most important is the timber grassroots. From outside the wooden floor of the grass-roots level is green, this is the so-called "green core floor. Found in the interview, and businesses to promote their products to consumers belong to the green products, the most important point is that the substrate is green, it is made from pure green wood, so does not contain any added ingredients and formaldehyde and other harmful substances. However, the fact that really, as these businesses have said that? outdoor floor

Industry experts say that many hard targets, such as formaldehyde content of the countries of the "green" wood flooring. At the same time, there is a special green product certification bodies, only through the authority of the professional organization of certified products can be called "green". "Green core" is just a representation is not equal green products, it does not mean that does not contain free formaldehyde. Therefore, consumers should identify whether the product is environmentally friendly certification mark. According to the national standard GB18580-2001 provisions, strengthen wood flooring desiccator method tests must meet the E1 standard, no more than 1.5mg / L formaldehyde emission. Only by E1 class certification Laminate flooring was known as a green building material. Some sellers deliberately confuse the concept, usually made from high quality wood, wood flooring base wood primaries, some unscrupulous businessmen use some moldy wood substrate, in order to cover up the color of the substrate deliberately substrate added green. Green core floor, consumers must be careful to distinguish.
Green core is moisture-proof floor logo

So, in the end why there will be "green core" floor? Expert gives this explanation, in fact, the green core just add the green at the grassroots level, the main purpose is to distinguish it from the ordinary wooden floor. The core layer laminate wood flooring is wood, so afraid afraid of the water influx. For this reason, there are a lot of enhanced composite wood flooring manufacturers in the production of HDF the special moisture additives, so that the floor of the thickness swelling is smaller than the regular core layer, better moisture resistance compared with ordinary floor some. Production enterprises to the phase difference of this sheet with the ordinary sheet, usually moisture core layer dyed green, that is, consumers have seen green core floor.outdoor wall panel

This approach first appeared in the foreign markets, just beginning companies in order to distinguish between different varieties, cargo type even sent to all over the code, then gradually developed into the specific identification of moisture-proof floor. But now on the market, poor quality, low price laminate wood flooring is the loophole in the substrate layer is dyed green, in fact, which did not join a special moisture additives, but joined the pigment posing moisture board. Recommend that consumers purchase must pay attention to the indicators of the product certificate.
Avoid straying into low-carbon whirlpool

Recently in the flooring industry the most important or low carbon-term, many companies began to be threatened to take the road of low-carbon, into the market is also not difficult to find, many businesses as consumers push the concept of low-carbon, in order to achieve true low carbon is to take a long time to transition, green low carbon contained not only the product itself, there are products in the production process low pollution, low loss, and so on, in the purchase of the floor, it is recommended that consumers and more focus on the quality of the product itself, to avoid being misled by some false impression of the market and some speculation. Low-carbon environmental protection concept of people, increasing environmental awareness. Thus, the home shopping from building materials, furniture, construction techniques, and even jewelry are blowing strong environmental wind, green building materials and quickly occupied the entire building materials market. Some businesses to seize the mental health consumer concern, wantonly playing with the concept of environmental protection, and stained with "green", are environmentally friendly products, the experts remind consumers pay attention to environmental protection but also distinction between the concept and essence. wood plastic composite floor


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