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Ordinary solid wood floors

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Ordinary solid wood floors Empty Ordinary solid wood floors

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Find a new direction at the same time, new sales channels flooring companies to find the target. To this end, all over the floor enterprises have launched a network of sales channels. Jiusheng to launch "board profit network of professional sales floor, Bell floor to launch an online mall, macro resistant flooring launch an online mall ...

However, industry insiders said: "buy wood flooring is different from the standardized products in general, also need to install the floor sales, maintenance, repair, and a series of services. If the flooring companies want to lower prices online selling, not only will impact their own sales channels, will eventually lose the network market. "

Accompanied by a substantial increase in the price of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring market consumption is suppressed; Thus, using the fast-growing forests laminate flooring cost laminate flooring and the use of substrate as the main material for the main production materials is the new choice for many companies. outdoor floor

Wood flooring Nanxun gathered more than half of Chinese wood flooring brand, in 2012 real estate falling market spread to the wood floor, Nanxun wood flooring companies have to consider the problem of price increases. Floor Marketing, deputy general manager Zhao, Zhe Jiang Jiusheng said, rising material costs, labor costs, have to rethink the positioning of the product price. At the same time, the laminate flooring market to benefit the open market.

The rapid development of China's multi-layer solid wood flooring can not be separated from the first batch of multi-layer solid wood flooring production process the introduction of Chinese enterprises is inseparable from the tremendous contribution made ​​by these enterprises in the field of multi-layer solid wood flooring. The first to enter one of the few multi-layer solid wood flooring production enterprises, the Higa floor is particularly eye-catching. Gain an advantage in a lot of flooring companies focus on solid wood flooring and laminate flooring production, Higa, the introduction of domestic production to multi-layer solid wood flooring, and become a "multi-layer solid wood flooring pedigree. Multi-layer solid wood flooring in early China mainly OEM-based, lack of independent brands, and 2003 in northern China gradually accepted the multi-layer solid wood flooring, but also at that stage, multi-layer solid wood flooring brands started. outdoor deck

In fact, the renovation of the old wooden floor is not difficult. Should first ensure the cleanliness of the house, moved out of the house all the items, the floor of the original surface polished off 1 to 2 mm, polished from 40 mesh to 80 mesh, 120 mesh sandpaper and gradually polished, so as to ensure the delicate, smooth floor surface. Polished after the putty, coloring, painting, waxing, polishing. Use a mixture of putty and floor sawdust, you can ensure that the true nature of the floor, the floor will not be scratched. This step is critical of the painting, general Brush primer, twice finish, encounter the surface of the floor there are flaws need to brush a few times the primer. Floor paint, you should use environmentally friendly water-based floor paint does not smell in the room, floor paint must be dedicated floor paint, its wear resistance in order to reach the floor.

By frequency of use, generally five years of wood flooring will be prone to starting paint, Diaoqi, and other issues, which requires wood floor refurbishment. But the old floor is refurbished to look at the floor surface layer thickness and the type of floor. Renovation of the old floor must be worn away the surface layer thickness of 1 to 2 mm, Therefore, the surface layer thick enough to be grinding through will lead to the renovation failed.

Ordinary solid wood floors and three-layer parquet products most of the surface layer thickness is about 4 mm, it is generally suitable for renovation. Strengthen the aluminum layer of oxide wear layer surface of the floor, renovation of the floor will destroy the wear layer to exacerbate floor aging. The surface layer thickness of the multi-layer solid wood flooring range, the thickness of thin-skinned about 0.6 to 1 mm, like the thickness of the surface can not be refurbished, rather thick-skinned to be refurbished. If the old floor is a large area of deformation, cracking, and moldy, even refurbishment are difficult to repair to the original look, like this case generally require replacement of the wooden floor. wood plastic composite floor


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