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Outdoor Wood plastic plank

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Outdoor Wood plastic plank Empty Outdoor Wood plastic plank

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WPC combines the many advantages of plant fiber and polymer materials, a large number of alternative timber, which can effectively alleviate the paucity of China's forest resources, a shortage of wood supply contradiction, is a highly promising 'low-carbon, green can be The cycle 'material, is worth promoting. "member of the National Association Yuling appeal. Outdoor Wood plastic plank

WPC is mainly made of a wood-based or cellulose-based materials and plastic composite materials referred to. According to statistics, China's annual need to handle over 700 million tons of straw, handling large incineration, will produce over 350 million tons of CO2 emissions, causing serious air pollution and greenhouse gas effect.

The Yuling members told reporters that if these straw is used in the manufacture of wood-plastic material, can produce two benefits: First, the annual reduction of more than 350 million tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 5.2% of the total emissions in 2007. Second, the protection of forest resources, 700 million tons of straw can produce 11.6 million tons of wood-plastic materials, alternative 23-2900000000 cubic meters of timber, equivalent to one fifth of China's total forest stock volume. "While the decrease in the amount of deforestation, but also a substantial increase in the amount of forests to absorb CO2 environment," she said. Wood plastic flooring board

"WPC has 100% renewable, can be recycled use, its production technology is considered a viable innovative technology has broad market prospects and good economic benefits and will be effective, China should vigorously promote. "Yuling members said.

She told reporters that China's WPC industry from development to manufacturing products for less than 10 years, so the market awareness is still relatively low, straw processing cost of addition.

According to her, the Japanese government worked wood-plastic industry provides a lot of support, not only heavily subsidized research and development of wood-plastic products, and also provides for each collection, use tons of waste plastic will receive a government subsidy of 50,000 yen, the use of WPC wood raw materials as well as processing the remaining substances, VAT may be that levy that return, etc.

The Yuling members suggested that China can draw on the useful experience of Japan, the introduction of preferential policies for the wood industry support. Such as funding the wood-plastic product technology research and development; straw feedstock acquisition, storage to provide low-interest loans of wood-plastic enterprises; wood plastic enterprises preferential tax policy; subsidies to agricultural recovery straw; township to provide the straw crushing equipment required. Policies and standards can also be issued in due course, to promote wood-plastic material, the use of wood products in the construction field, and step up publicity efforts to increase market awareness. Wood-plastic flooring


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