Composite Railings offer a low maintenance

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Composite Railings offer a low maintenance Empty Composite Railings offer a low maintenance

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Composite Railings offer a low maintenance option for railing. Most decking manufacturers offer one or more systems to compliment their flooring products. You will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors, styles, and options.These systems are available in kits that are relatively easy to install. EverGrain and Latitudes, produces attractive and practical systems that work well in every environment. composite decking and railing

These systems use 4x4 pressure treated wood posts covered by a sleeve and mounted to either the inside or outside of the frame. Each railing section can be easily installed between posts using brackets provided in each kit. Stair railing kits are also available for ease of installation.

Composite decking materials have allowed homeowners all the enjoyment and benefits of a wooden deck without having to commit to the arduous maintenance that a wooden deck requires. Also known as wood-plastic composites, composite decking is made from recycled wood and plastic. Being manufactured from recycled wood and plastic has made composite decking not only a low maintenance option, but an environmentally friendly one as well. Imagine having a beautiful deck that did not require annual staining, maintenance from insect damage, or replacement of warped or cracked boards. Just hose it off and you are done.

Composites represent the next generation of outdoor building and decking products. They are constructed using a combination of materials including wood flour and recycled or virgin plastics. Composites require minimum upkeep so simply sweep or hose them off in the spring and you are ready for another year of relaxing on your deck in style.

Latitudes Composite Slotted Decking features the Equator® hidden fastener system which eliminates pre-drilling and automatically spaces the composite deck boards with the proper gap, making installation quick and easy. Slotted Decking is barefoot friendly, slip-resistant and reversible with a brushed finish on one side, woodgrain look on the other. Choose from four deck colors – gray, cedar, redwood and walnut – in 12-,16- and 20-foot lengths.

Latitudes Solid Decking in gray, cedar, redwood and walnut is reversible with an embossed, woodgrain finish on one side and a brushed finish on the other. Latitudes composite decking in sienna has slight color variations to emulate the look of exotic tropical hardwoods and comes with an embossed finish. Latitudes composite decking is available in 12-, 16-, and 20-foot lengths.Wood plastic composite flooring

Great decks and railing systems begin with our large inventory of superior decking materials that stand up to even the most inclement weather. Choose from time-tested decking species such as cedar, redwood, mahogany and spruce, or the increasing number of premium wood-composite decking materials and railing products designed to provide the beauty, durability and lower maintenance demanded by today's customer.

Composite flooring is delivered to site ready to install using ACP's specialist wideslab lifting system that's not only safe but also fast and simple eliminating plank damage caused by choke hitch chains. Lifting inserts are cast into the units during production, these lifting points are then used to handle the planks within the factory and once again on site.

The wideslab floor lifting system also eliminates the need to "bar" individual floor beams into final position as is typical of hollowcore flooring lifted with chains or beam clamps.

Accurate first time placement means the floor plank is in its final position before the crane unhooks. ACP's precast concrete wideslab floors are therefore ideally suited to inclusion in modern high U-value construction schemes where supporting walls are built from autoclaved aerated blocks such the Thomas Armstrong Airtec Block System incorporating the latest thin joint technology. composite deck board


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